What is the Work of a Consultant?

Consultants are highly educated and experienced experts in a particular field or niche that help people and businesses to solve problems in that particular area which is his specialty. 

In general

Financial consultants help people and businesses solve financial problems, relocation consultants to help people / companies are moving home or business to a new location, management consultants help companies with the organization management and management problems, etc. Of course, we focus on very specific specialties.

Travel, income, difficulty, etc.

Varies widely, it is hard to say. Travel depends on your area of expertise and your market area. Some top international travel consultants that have both a "home" - buying a house, etc - they are always flying from one country to another. Others hardly drive more than 30 miles from home - ever.
Difficulty depends on your level of experience 

How good you are at what you do. If you are very intelligent, well educated, have enough experience, etc, most of it is very easy - it's hard for anyone who has not faced and resolved similar situations before! There is only a market for consultants when people face difficult situations and need help, advice, problem-solving experience of someone who has "been there, done that, and has done very, very well done. "

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What is the meaning of DMA in terms of Marketing

Premier Direct / Interactive Marketing Award Competition
The DMA International ECHO Awards Competition recognizes the world's best direct marketing campaigns - campaigns that have raised the bar in terms of strategy, creativity and results. No other awards competition looks at the direct marketing discipline as a whole such. That's why there is competition from other awards is so important.

ECHO winning campaigns have the power to change a business.

ECHO stands for great work that worked very well. Recognized for ECHO campaigns not only do everything right in terms of marketing and creative execution, display information about public behavior and to involve their target markets.

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You can earn money working in the field of computer repair

Just to confirm, would you like to work for yourself computer repair? Or do you want to perform computer repair as a work of 5.9?

Also what type of repairs? Hardware? O IT Support in general?

In general, you have to work directly for a manufacturer if you wanted to carry out repairs of systems, most companies have an agreement and a service provider such as HP, will provide equipment and fix if problems arise.

If it comes to IT support service in general, the world is open, there are plenty of jobs.
Are you qualified in the sector? 3 years experience should get into it no problem, to what extent depends on their expertise.

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Backlinks are a powerful tool for SEO?

Backlinks are important because they show the search engine robots search relevance of a website is. The decline more point back to your site, more than a search engine robot would interpret the site is useful to others.

So you can have a fantastic site, but if no one else is linking to it, your site could be interpreted as less useful. So there's an industry of people creating backlinks to content, in order to raise search engine rankings.

The website itself should have a solid basis, but after that, other people have to think about your site as useful and relevant.

Backlinks are the key to SEO.

To improve the Page Rank you need lots of content and more backlinks. Spinblitz will create unlimited items (they have a free trial) and if you have Wordpress blogs are automated no scrolling features. View spinblitz-dot-com

By the way - Do not waste your $ $ $ on the wrong kind of backlinks - not going to work. From Google "Panda" update many things have changed.

Google has moved the field and simple text link is almost counterproductive, linkbuilding pyramid and not worth the effort, but contextuality Links SERPS will get an almost immediate improvement.

Most of the backlinks to be offered today will be either simple text in the blog profile or blog comments. Tens of thousands of both can be done within 24 hours using Scrapebox, and because Google is giving simple text links less weight in the SERPS.

If you watch the latest video from Matt Cutts, the Google guru, you'll learn that contextuality backlinks are more valuable now. Contextuality backlinks are links placed within an article or blog posts that are in the context of its surrounding text, so they look natural.

For example, an article about the fire that could be linked to a URL Firestation. These are long time and always need to create an image to get Google juice possible.

For anyone who is planning to create backlinks I recommend you take 3 minutes to watch the video of Matt Cutts in autoseosystem-dot-com. If you recognize the change he speaks. then subsequently use their free software to create some articles contextuality, with their own URL.

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because women spend more money than men

Girls do everything possible to get along with the purchase of expensive like lipstick, handbags, jewelry, makeup and fine clothes ... Most men really do not have to do any of that feel that look good without it

For example a Men:

  • You do not need a million shoes
  • You do not need a closet full of a lifetime supply of clothes
  • No need to buy makeup
  • No need to do at home an art gallery
  • No need to buy clothes for pets
  • Jewelry need not have a room there
Women need to buy tampons, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, high heels, dresses, bags, cluch, flats, nail polish, diet shakes, earrings, braclets, gold rings, dimonds. Also, women who spend a lot of money are more widely accepted in social cliques.

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How to make money parking domain names?

Your domain name only win anything for parking, if your domain name already has visitors.  

Your visitors come from direct navigation - you are typing your domain name in the search bar of your browser 'or' - coming from old links and references to search for an ancient site that was built in its domain name. . if he had ever been one.

There are dozens of pay per click parking facilities there - too many to mention here and I can not recommend to anyone. Try a Google search for "domain name parking", "income domain name" domain name pay per click parking, etc.

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How to calculate the average interest rate on a loan when combined?

For example, suppose you have three loans with interest rates of these three different ...
  • $ 19,000.00 4.00%
  • $ 10,000.00 3.75%
  • $ 12,134.00 10.00%
What is the average interest rate when combined?

Well, an average rate of interest would be added together and divided by three, which would be 5.91%. However, it also should take into account the amounts to be paid.

If you are trying to pay down loans and get out of debt, the rate of an "average " of interest is totally useless. You need to pay higher debt interest rate (the loan of 10%) as a priority, while the minimum payments to others, and then when it's gone, that 4% of debts is the priority.

I would say its average interest rate, taking into account the amounts to be paid in relation to others, would be 5.71%. But of course, this average could be significantly reduced if they just pay up 10% of the loan is not costing you a fortune.


... 19.000 x 0.0400 = ______
+ 10 000 x 0.0375 = ______
+ 12,134 x.1000 = _______

now divide the total interest payable by the sum of the amounts borrowed, and should be the mean (until you pay part of the debt)

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If you graduated in psychology in that branch could make more money?

A clinical psychologist who has more money. However, a clinical psychologist should have a PhD to be allowed to take the licensing exam. And it's so hard to get into a clinical psychology doctoral program, as it is entering medical school.

Very Important

A person with a master's degree in psychology may be able to work as a school psychologist who is taking courses in school psychology specialist. There are about 5 courses require a school psychologist to make people in other branches of psychology are not required to take.

A person with a master's degree in clinical psychology can become a licensed professional counselor in Texas for example, but you can not use the title "psychologist. " Laws vary by state.

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If you Need new ideas or inspiration to get out of debt

Well, can not be the best ever done, but you may want to look for another job because their work only 30 hours a week. Not to say that 30 hours is not much, but if I could find a job that is good and works with your schedule of work of others, then you could get more money, which goes to the debt movement.  

Second, limit what you buy. If you are buy a large amount of food, only buy enough for a little while and save some money, do not buy a lot of junk food (if you do), just buy food that takes you through the day and over time should be there, 50% out of debt is to the head and the other 50% is put to work:)
Another Idea

Find a better paying job, go back to school and get more education so you can increase your income level up to where you are not upside down all the time.


If you are on the internet I would say that you have access to the network, why not start writing books at / Kindle is free to register and have no fee to publish your eBooks. You make money on the number of eBooks sold it is not your pocket and you can write whatever you want, just pick the subject you know something about it. There was a girl who wrote four books about vampires and more than $ 3 million in sales in less than 2 years, so give it a shot.

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