Do I Have to Trademark it Right Away?

I'm starting a clothing label, and I know the name has not yet been trademarked but do I have to trademark it right away? I don't have much money and I wanted to get into producing my clothing before I went and trademarked the name. Any help is greatly appreciated!

In This Case

Absolutely. And apply for a web address using that name. You don't want to put all the work into starting up, developing a logo and so on only to find someone is using your brand name for their product. Contact the Small Business Agency, the Patent Office, and VISTA ( Volunteers in Service to America) for free information.

The first company

that used the name and earned money in that industry is the one that owns the trademark. If you trademark a name - when you trademark a name you have 3 years to earn money on that name to get the trademark approved. If another company can prove that they used the name first in the same industry for 5 years after the trademark was approved, most likely it's they will end up getting the trademark from you.

So if you wait and another company tries to take it

you can usually take it back but that will cost more than the $500 it takes to trademark a name. And on the other hand, you need to make sure their isn't another company already using the name but hasn't trademarked it. As I said, trademarks are specific to industry.




Own a trademark for a clothing line. It took 3y9m to get the trademark approved after I applied for it, although I had earned money about 2 years in.
Yes. You should do an exhaustive search on the Internet first for free. Then, you should look into ways to do it starting with the US Patent Office website,

You have to get the fabric before the clothes are made. just the same, it would be safe to get the trademark before the company. Always do that..or it might end up costing you more money in the long wrong.

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What Would You Like Sell on eBay

I'm gonna sell 4 Playstation games and I was wondering if you'd think they'd sell or not. And why they wouldn't or not.


They would probably sell, but it would take a while and you probably wouldn't get very much for them.

i think they will sell because not everyone has the newest gaming systems and cheap used games that work are better than expensive brand new ones that work the same.


I can almost guarantee you that they'll sell, there playstation games for petes sake....a they work. there on ebay. they'll sell. you'll profit......end of story :)

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I Made a Website for an Affiliate Marketer

I didn't look at the site but if you're only getting paid $1 an hour then I don't see why you would care what he thinks, it obviously isn't worth your time anyway!


As I type this I am still waiting for the site to load... Ok after 2 minutes it is starting to come up...Wait... Still coming up...

  • I hit stop and I can see what may be the site.
  • Get rid of the burning text. That is 90's.
  • Yellow on white? Don't do this ever...

Also, why don't you use a CMS like Joomla? Basic HTML websites are pretty nasty looking nowadays.


I suggest you point out to your 'customer' that he gets what he pays for ....

In future you should first generate an 'Outline Design Specification' and a few pages of graphics using eg PowerPoint 'mock ups' .. submit this along with your first Invoice (at least $100) plus an estimate for the completed site (typically you should be working at $100-$500 a page) you and not cut one line of code until the client 'signs off' on the proposed design (and costs)

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Can Help Me What is The Meaning Generate a Good Income

The definition can only be defined by the asker because every person will have their own definition of what a "good income" is - based on each individual's standard of living.

In general terms a good income is one that provides for your lifestyle. Those with modest lifestyles can live a very happy life on a household income of $50k, while others are not as conservative with their materialistic wants and a higher hh income is required.

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Can Anybody Supply me With a List of Business Directories in the UK?

I want a list of directories that have a free listing section where i can list and manage my business details...Cheers, Charlie

1 FreeIndex

Detailed local business information with reviews, photos, videos and more
Post a Quote Request and get up to 5 quotes within as little as 1 hour!
Create your free business profile to generate traffic and gain new customers.

#2 GooMad Business Directory

The Goomad Business Directory is a fairly new and was launched in 2010. The directory is easy to use, well organised and really well optimised. You can exchange links by linking your website and get a great backlink in return. You can get a listing in the directory for free, simply click on the create account and follow instructions.

#3 UK Small Business Directory

The directory is well organised and really well optimised, if you search for a directory in just about any county on Google you will see the directory on the 1st page. You can get a listing in the directory for free, simply click on the register details page and follow instructions.

#4 Biz-Dir Business Directory

Biz-Dir Business Directory was launched in 2006, The directory covers most of the popular online business related categories so there is probably going to be somewhere relevant for you to submit your site to. Simply navigate to the correct category and hit the submit button to get started.

#5 MySheriff Directory

MySheriff is a Free Business Directory offering Free Advertising to all businesses in the UK. Advertise free in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands with MySheriff Free Business Directory.

#6 The Internet Business Directory

The Internet Business Directory is a great directory, the categories are organised by topic, country and county and every website gets a good 3 or 4 listings, for instance this site is listed in internet services UK, England and Lancashire. Submitting to the directory is easy, click on the relevant category, navigate to your county and then click the submit button.

#7 Now 2 Business

Now 2 Business is the oldest of the 5 and has been around ever since 2001, it has everything I look for in a directory, age, strict guidelines and good rankings. If I have a client who sells office supplies and I can get them listed on a page that ranks high for office supplies directory, then of course I am going to do it. There are a number of inclusion options. free, reciprocal and express listings are available, click on the free submission page to get started.

#8 B2B Index

B2B Index has a good category structure and ranks great in the search engines for some really competitive phrases such as business to business and business directory, it's not even that far off for some of the category names such as web design. You have to link back from one of your web pages to get a listing, navigate to the right category and click the add site button to get started.

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