Would like to start my own personal bodyguard company, what steps do i need to take?

Size up the competition so you know what to expect. Know your market that's available to you. Formulate a business plan for your company.

Check with an accountant to find out if you must be bonded and how to incorporate your business. Find out from the accountant about business expenses and taxes you will need to know.

Check with an insurance company to see what type and how much insurance you need to protect yourself and the clients. Your client could be injured or you could seriously injure a person and be sued.

Check for a location to business from.

Figure out the best means of advertising your services and what you can charge. A personal bodyguard business may involve you or a employee to carry weapons. Check the CWC laws and regulations in your area where you'll be operating.

I would guess that you're already physically fit and are trained in "unarmed" protection of a client if you're in an area that doesn't permit weapons to be carried.

There are probably more things needed to be done, but the people you contact for starting the business will be able to gather needed information from you. Good luck with your venture!

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What is the best way to establish good credit with your first credit card?

You should pay your credit card bill off in full every month. Paying interest on your credit card just because you think it might build up more credit is a huge waste of money.

If you regularly spend money on your credit card, pay off your credit card bill each month and don't take on unnecessary debt, your credit will build up in time.

I was told you purchase something with credit then soon as your bill comes pay it. I was also told do this a few times but make sure you don't over do it maybe even cut it up or just use for emergencies.

just pay on time never be late and dont open too many credit cards try to stay with the one for now and dont cancel card it is used against you.

You charge a small amount every month and pay it in full when bill arrives. I have done this for 30 yrs and credit score is 800+ The card companies report to the credit agencies every 6 or 12 months so don't expect big jumps in score.

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How calculate the inflation about a loan?

Trying to follow your logic. In an example, let's say you owe 8% on a $1000 loan. In simple interest, you will pay $80 in interest that you will never see again.

If you borrow the $1000 today and next year inflation is 10%, your buying power is the original $1000, less inflation ($1000 x 10%) of $100 or $900. I think you are thinking that you are $20 better off with the loan, and you well might be...but:

10% inflation is unheard of.
The $80 saved at 10% interest will double in 7 years.
Put it in retirement and save on taxes as well (except for a Roth IRA).
Go with the sure thing and get debt payed off as soon as you can.

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How cancel credit card but without taking a credit hit?

You should have 2 major credit cards. One for every day use and one for emergency. It usually takes 24 months of activity to boost your credit score between 660/749 which is a good score. Excellent is 750/840. Having excellent credit will give you a lower rate on mortgages and car loans.

You Cap One account didn't even start counting in your FICO score till the 6th month point. Inactive cards do not help your credit/score. You have to actually use the accounts. If you do not use the account at least every few months, the credit card company will eventually close the account due to inactivity.

As long as you are not carrying balances on any credit cards, closing an account will not have a big impact on your score. Closed accounts in good standing remain on your credit for at least 10 years. They just don't count as much as open, active accounts. You may not even notice the difference since this account is so new.

Close the account via letter (use the correspondence address on your statement). Ask for written confirmation that the account is closed and 0 balance. Keep that conrfirmation in your forever financial file.

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To survive an online existence business you are required to generate attract traffic to your website

Staring an online business is the need of today, but how to start the real online business is the quest that requires answers and this is where the following content will help you understand how online businesses are set and why require SEO experts services.

Many of us think that creating a website is sufficient and will be all what will be required to run the show, but this is not the case.

Think for a moment that there are millions of website in an online world, why would an online user will come to your business and what will make him find you, with all the competition around you how you going to survive / prosper?

To survive an online existence / business you are required to generate / attract traffic to your website which will help you to convert into potential customers and the revenue will be equally achieving the objectives of your business. Well, to acquire traffic and attract more online users you are to rank well among search engines.

This is where the most powerful tool known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes to spotlight which makes the very difference that can lead to success for any online business. Well, SEO is effective to optimize the search engines and increase your page rank to appear in top search results for online users who are searching for particular product / services.

Not to worry, you are experienced or inexperienced, there are people known as SEO Experts who can assure you some results for your online existence. These professionals are skilled and experienced who seek to save you important resources such as time, money and effort and on the same time work to enhance your chances to rank well and venture the online business in a local or an international market.

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So when you're looking for an SEO expert, what do you expect to find?

Someone who is an expert at on-page optimization? Someone skilled at link building? Someone who knows usability, analytics, and testing? Do you want a social media guru or a copy writing artist? There is a lot to know about SEO and none of that knowledge comes easy

The main aim of the seo expert is to get the website top position using on-page and off-page optimization and link building. Other than this concept can you tell me new techniques to upgrade website.

And also how to use social book mark sites and networking sites. I dig once by just adding website link. That's it ? what should be done after. Our website should need of backlinks what should be done.

One thing you have to do is - Competitor analysis..It will be good to know analysis your close competitors so that you can plan and manage your own strategy, that will help you to boost your SEO activities. Apart from that Search engines like those website who updates their website on regular basis i.e change/update your content on monthly or fortnightly (as suites you).

Many of us follow on simple thing - create account, post link ..however while you are posting on bookmarking you should give them better information about the website, not the description of the website. People like to know much more about the website, not the little description, so use the funda. Apart from that add more people on social bookmarking website for your important website. Same goes with the Social Networking websites and blogs.

Remember one thing - Social Networking sites runs on simple funda
If you like others page and/or post comments, other will definitely do that...and give proper link chain
  • Facebook < --- > Website
  • Twitter < --- > Website
  • Facebook < --- > Twitter

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Have heard there are lots of real sharks on ebay who do not let you to make a penny out of ebay. is that true?

Well, you need something to sell!
You open an eBay account and a PayPal account (which is a secured payment gateway) and list your items for auction or for sale.

EBay charges a small amount for each listing and takes a percentage of the final sale price. Your buyers will mostly use Paypal, which again, they will charge you a % of the money deposited.

there are sharks everywhere to be honest.. but just depends what u are selling, should be genuine, sold out items are good to sell or newly released items too, antiques are also great, try abit of everything and see where u make ur profits.. good luck ebaying..

Not true at all, in my experience.

Start by selling a few things, which will get you used to selling on ebay, then progress to an ebay shop of your own when you have a bit of experience under your belt and some idea of what people will buy/the price they'll pay.

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The good news is that there are a lot of things that you can do from home

The first rule in doing so is NEVER pay for employment (or even worse yet - just to submit your application). Number two is if it sounds too good to be true, it is, so move on to something that sounds reasonable.

Have it your way

How about Voicelog.
Voicelog provides representatives to perform verifications for transactions done online or by telephone. Many states

require changes to telephone service and other remote transactions to be verified by a third party..,., which VoiceLog

provides. Look into it.. I know someone that did that but really the sky is the limit nowadays.

I can't think of any along the lines of data entry..,. which is

usually a high scam area. I would suggest checking with the

Federal Trade Commission before making a decision. As for

alternatives to working at home, there's always:
Selling on Ebay
In-home child care

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