What is the best way to start your own pastry from scratch?

Before you even get into the business thing, find something to make yourself unique. try out special recipes, make them your own, ect.

Then start selling at local markets

(most towns have them at least once a month) and get a bit of a name for yourself. with purchases hand out cards with your business details that says you can do cakes for events and stuff. if you're really good at cake decorating go a little mad with it and you'll get a name for yourself, but don't go ace of cakes style and do only specialty cakes unless you're just THAT awesome.

by the time you have a pretty good rep and have earned enough that a small business loan wont worry you too much, opening an actual store will be a breeze. As you would have already built up your rep getting the customers to maintain a shop will be easy, specially if you keep doing the local markets and other such events.

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Anyone know any real online jobs legit, no matter what kind, and one that is free?

  • If you get very popular on YouTube, YouTube sponsored him and I heard that you can shoot a pretty good lot of cash. But we're talking like 5000 subscribers and more. If you think you can do to give it a try. Worth trying
  • The real can pay up to four cents per hour, It should be noted how little we are willing to work for.
  • Http:// You can try for free. You'll get the money for all services they can offer. If you are a programmer, a content writer or an SEO expert you have the chance to earn serious money as a freelancer on this website.

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How can a single owner buy disability insurance for themselves?

Depends on what you are trying to secure and industry in working

A variety of insurance companies offer coverage for long-term disability for business owners and other high earners. These policies have longer elimination periods, and pay benefits until age 65 in many cases. Contact an insurance agent who specializes in disability insurance.

The coverage of short-term disability is more difficult to find.  

These policies have short elimination periods, and payment of benefits up to 2 years. If you want to cover accidents and diseases are only a few companies that offer policies to people.

If you are looking 

To cover pregnancy, short-term plans only disability in the market are sold as voluntary employee benefits. If you work as a contractor in 1099, that entity may allow you to purchase coverage through payroll deductions.

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How much is the cost in the U.S. to advertise with a "parkin stripe campaign"?

I guess you have to contact the company directly for any information. This is a relatively new in the U.S., and so far only one company offering the service.


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How bad and what usually happens when a bank has a SAR or CTR is against you?

Is a report of suspicious activity that occurs at any time to anyone who offers money suspected of suspicious activities. No big deal.  

The CTR 

Is a report on foreign exchange transactions will only appear if you have transactions totaling more than 10,000.00 in a short period of time. In addition, not as big of a deal, its main purpose is to prevent money laundering and ensure taxes are paid on the money.

The "Suspicious Activity Report"  

Is presented each time a financial institution detects any known or suspected federal criminal violation, or pattern of criminal violations, committed or attempted against the financial institution or in connection with a transaction or transactions through the financial institution where the financial institution believes that it was either a victim or potential victim of a criminal violation or series of criminal violations, or the financial institution was used to facilitate a criminal transaction, and has a substantial base to identify one of its directors, officers, employees, agents or other related parties, an institution that has committed or assisted in the commission of a crime, regardless of the amount involved in the violation.

The report goes to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Department of the Treasury through the IRS Detroit Computing Center. The reports are made available electronically to law enforcement agencies.

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How does a Mutual Fund Pay Dividends?

If I'm investing in a mutual fund as part of a retirement account and the fund is in itself a "search for high-income" funds (which I assume means holding securities that pay high dividends).

How benefit from these dividends? If you reinvested automatically?

Seeking high income means investing in things that will give better performance. but seeking high income populations at high risk in terms of loss goes. If cash dividends have to pay capital gains.


You pay no tax as long as you keep reinvesting their dividends. when you buy at the bottom, there is a place on the occasion of maintaining dividends reinvested automatically. if getting dividends means that the money making. if getting dividends, not its making money. high income stocks are very high risk compared to other investment series.

Also Depend the account

Whether you are reinvested may depend on how set up the account. You can specify that dividends reinvested. Some mutual funds debt instruments pay monthly dividends. Some quarterly and some only once a year. More or less depends on the substance.

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How Can an LPN get a job as a CMA?

If the practice was willing to teach you how to do some of the tasks of MA that is not taught in LPN school (yes, MA know many things that nurses are not taught because they are trained to run a private practice, while nurses are taught more about how to provide nursing care in a hospital), then you could be hired, but probably not with a salary you are expecting.

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What are the pros and cons of Outsourcing bookkeeping

By outsourcing assume you mean having a local accounting firm or accountant to enter into business transactions instead of hiring someone part time to keep their books.  

The advantages are 

That the external service provider uses its own equipment and office supplies to make your job so you do not have to provide it. Moreover, in general, get someone with more experience and even though you pay more per hour, can work more efficiently because they know what they are doing. Then when you go to an accountant for your tax return, is clean and tidy so that the counter does not charge the same. A part-time employee can cost more per hour.


But then you have to deal with the quarterly reports of payroll, employment taxes and workers compensation.

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