If you want some advice regarding your current matter its simple.

Make your own money.. if you don't like the sound of that and are a what we say a 9 till 5er or whatever, then you are going to have to start telling people to F off and that there have to wait for there money (your creditors) this will give you alittle time to think how you are going to get thur.

In other words your going to get paid and just hold on to your money for as long as possible. paid only what needs to be paid rent- yes, getting to work - yes, your child - yes everything else - NO (i want to pay you but your have to wait) hold on to your cash.

Put simply you are over committed just on your own, you are not currently in a position to raise a child if you cannot look after yourself.

1) Short term are your bills as cheap as they can be, check on comparison websites to make sure they are such as £300 a month on household bills is expensive if you are living on your own and out of the house for 14 ours a day! I am running a 2 bedroom flat, with baby and partner in all day using electric and I only spend £300 a month. Surely you can cut back somewhere.

2) Do you have a car? If you do i suggest using public transport as at 24 your insurance probably costs 10% of your salary, not to mention petrol!

3) You say you are a trainee, do you have a set date by which you will be promoted and get a payrise? If you are thinking about a loan will you get paid enough to support your liestyle AND pay back the loan when you get your payrise? If not be careful.

4) Do you have the option of moving in with your parents? Or a friend who has a spare room for a year?

5) I think a house share, if you can fid one, would be a very good option as bills are usually included in the rent and it will be much less expensive. It doesnt matter that you dont want to do it, you are not in a position to be picky im afraid.

6) Where is the £300 quid overspend coming from? You dont mention that in the figures, if its just your food and child essential you need to cut back. thats £70 quid a week you are spending. You could buy food for you and the bairn for half that.

His mum is getting child benefit and child tax credits to pay for his food and nappies. You dont need to be shelling that out. Plus if you are paying for his food and nappies etc for 3 days a week thats almost 2 weeks a month she is saving on food and nappies. You need to be asking that question

I know you are bitter that there are a lot of spongers that dont work half as hard as you but you need to keep going.

If you are paying of any loans etc you may wish to speak with your creditors and tell them you are infinancial hardship sot hat they can go easy on you.

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What's the best way to point out that I deserve a raise?

I have my annual review coming up this Wednesday and I more than deserve an increase in salary. However, others are talking about their reviews and have said that a raise wasn't even brought up. I think this is partly their fault for not standing up for themselves.

However, one person said that a yearly bonus was mentioned. We did get one and that's very generous of them but it shouldn't replace a salary increase. When I interviewed for this position, we discussed the room for growth and that was part of my reason for accepting the position. I can't be expected to remain with a company if that doesn't include financial growth as well. Also, when I was hired, metro reimbursement was part of the negotiation but I never received it.

When I broached them about this again, they said it wasn't in the budget. So, at the moment, they are in the process of expanding the office to increase revenue. I feel they may use this as their reason for not being able to afford to increase my salary. I've thought of several different ways on how best to point out that I should receive a raise.

From what I'm hearing from others, they were using last minute 'issues' that happened as 'areas of improvement' and I think this is going to be their focus and they may try to overlook that my performance overall has been above outstanding. I would like feedback so that I can see if I have the right idea on how to 'make my case' so to speak.

Take it

Although the economy is recovering many employees are finding their companies still aren't ready to pay higher wages. Mostly because they don't have too. Most companies figure they can hide behind the bad economy banner for a while longer as their is a lot of unemployment lingering throughout most economic sectors. In order to be successful in obtaining a cost of living increase you should spend time preparing for the interview. First you should gather all your achievements for the year.

This may include e-mails and letters from satisfied customers, you boss and co workers. You should keep a record of the work you do. If you process forms, how many did you process in the past year. Did you perform special projects, or put in extra hours to ensure the successful completion of assignments. Try assembly these facts and figures in a story form like you were telling a friend how hard you worked over the past year.

Put in commentary of how you helped your coworkers in addition to completing your own assignments, and the recognition you received from management for doing a good job. Next develop a credible amount that you think you should receive.

This should be the inflation rate plus your value added for the year. Check with sites like to see what the average increase is for your industry and adjust to fit your circumstances. If your boss does not bring up cost of living, you should. Do not wait until the end of the interview as the boss will have things pretty well wrapped up by then. Perhaps you can find an opening when you are discussing your assignments and achievements.

For example, I worked really hard this year and I exceeded all of my assigned goals, I learned a lot and have increased my skills and value to the company. And with the cost of groceries and gas going through the roof, my cost of living increase should consider both of these factors.

There is a discussion on website forum at regarding A raise in a bad economy. You may find some helpful information you can use. Good luck The PracticaL Mentor

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I Have been scheduled for an interview with the Government

This will be my second interview so things are looking promising - the thing is, I already have a job. I dislike this job.immensely and could not turn away the rare opportunity with the federal government so I have continued to pursue the position.

The bad that my supervisor will not let me off on interview day because someone else already took off. I have tried to cordinate with my co-worker and they will be out or town; there is no other chance for me to make this interview then to come in late as I call the recruiter and they won't be conducting interviews on any other day and I could not reschedule.

As it stands, there is no other way to make this interview other than calling in late. This won't cause me to lose my job, but we all know it looks bad to ask and when told no show up late anyway. But this opportunity won't happen twice...what should I do?

No Problem

Seeing the conflict that you are to make this interview, why not call the interviewer and explain your situation that you are unable to make the time scheduled and for later this afternoon or evening once you have leave work. It is worth a try and I am sure that they can understand.

missed opportunities never return,call the recruiter explain your situation be honest ask them if they can accommodate you first be Early and let your current employer know you have an urgent situation you must take care of you will late and offer to work back the lost hours.good luck

I know this is bad advice, but when it comes to a situation like yours, it's better to just call in sick or say you have a family matter. Trying to get a day off will make people question you as to why you want that certain day off and most likely hesitate giving you an answer right away.

If you call in sick, you're off the hook right away and they won't really be too upset, unless you do it often. I know lying is bad but hey, you want that other job right? It's not the worst sin in the world to lie to an employer when it comes to the betterment your career. But what's done is done... you should just come in late for your work so that you can go to your interview, like what you kind of intend to do anyway.

If you really like the job and it would give you better work benefits than your present work and you'll have greater chances of then go for the interview. Opportunities come once in a lifetime.

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Where Are There Grocery Coupons?

I've been looking at a couple diff sites, and it seems like they want you to download an app or a program or something. .I just don't want to be downloading a virus?! Any ideas or hints?

Take it

Try the web site of were ever you want to buy the groceries from

The best sites which are 100% free, legit, and virus free include:

Also if you are getting into coupons, here is an awesome site to get you started. They have tons of printable coupons and keep you up to date on all the deals, promotions, free stuff, and more to ensure you are maximizing your savings and using your coupons efficiently. is the only one I trust. They find freebies, deals and coupons with no scams or gimmicks. I've gotten everything from free office supplies to free shampoos to free pet food. Hope that helps

I've downloaded the programs and they are virus free. Just make sure to use a legit coupon site. Most of the good ones are already listed by the other answers.

I get my coupons at, I also frequent that site because of their freebies.

I Subscribe to Coupon Bug ( Free to join. The coupons change monthly and always feature coupons for grocery/household items that I'm going to buy anyway. I've never had any virus issues either.

There are a bunch more sites, but I find that they all seem to feature the same coupons at the same time, so I see no sense in signing up for several.

Also....go to the websites of the products that you plan to buy. Some real "gems" can be found. Many times I find coupons on the company site that you don't see offered anywhere else.

Other sources:

Clip coupons from Sunday paper. I save at least $15 just from manufacturers coupons each week. Here's a tip: If the barcode of a coupon begins with the #9, it will not double. However, if it begins with the #5, it will automatically double, even it it the coupon states "DO NOT DOUBLE".

Store coupons. At my store, they hand them out when they hand me my receipt. Some of those are big savers, too.

Get the store sale circular and "do your homework" BEFORE going to the store. Absolutely a must. Build your grocery list (and meals for the week) around the sale items. Yes, I said "list". NEVER go grocery shopping without a prepared list. It's just stupid. The night before I go shopping, I have in front of me at the kitchen table: Store circular, all of my coupons, my "list in progress", and a cold beverage. Plan your meals, snacks, and beverages around sale items. It's so easy. If something is not on sale this week, it, or something similar, will likely be on sale next week, so buy it then.

Learn your store's "patterns." It becomes very predictable as to when something will go on sale, stretching your coupons even further.

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I Had Created a Website, But How Can I Promote?

I had created and uploaded a new website, but I'm new on this business, so How can I promote my website. So that my website appears on google or yahoo when people do search!

Take Your Answers

A friend of mine promoted her's by taking out actual physical classified ads in big city newspapers with large circulations like "Visit My website at  if you're into Raggae" or whatever, I hear they're cheap compared to online advertising.

Start pasting telephone poles with the website, shout it from a rooftop, sign wavers work now days, send up homemade balloon or balloons with the website address.

Get girls wearing t-shirts with the website to hold car washes.

Search engine optimization can also help you generate free web traffic.
Try article promotion, social bookmarking, and link building on various forums.
It will help you generate more clicks and visitors from search engines.

Promote your website in google and yahoo by using this links.……
Just submit your site links.your site will be indexed.
You can target some keywords,it will promote your site in top position and participate in
  • social bookmarking
  • directory submission
  • blog commenting
  • Forum participation and so on.

AT first you start doing some on-page SEO link submission to niche directory and article category, link negotiation with same theme site, forum posting and blog commenting. When your site gets indexed then start doing on-page SEO like SMO, Advertisement.

SEO is the processes by which you can rank your website in all the search engine with the help of targeted keywords which will generate the business or leads for you. But this is not the easy task for this you have to contact with an organization which is working for the same. Because SEO has the 12 to 14 department and parallely we have to work for all then we are able to get the result.

Create a Facebook page for your site, create a Twitter profile and some other profile and grow your network.

Try Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising, target the right audience and you can drive a lot of traffic to your site.

But if you want your site to appear higher in search results you should learn more about SEO (Search engine optimization) and optimize your site so search engines will fall in love with it :) Try to find tips about SEO online, there are many useful blogs about this.

There are many places to promote your website on internet.
You can google search based on the right, targeted keywords - Huge List of Free Classified Websites. The informative website compiled and developed by Professional Webmasters, is published at Blogspot.
There are many Free Classifieds Directory in the world wide web.
Find the right category and post your listing there.

Additionally, you can go directly to or google search top ranking Free Classifieds Directory.
Such site offers organized category that is appropriate for you to advertise your website via free or paid service.
Google search using the following keywords and you can find them easily.

- Biggest Classifieds
- Best Online Classifieds
- Free Classifieds Directory
- Free Community Classifieds
- Largest Classifieds
- Free Ads Tv
- Free Ads Uk
- Community Classifieds
- Post Free Ads

When you promote your website at Free Classifieds Directory, your website (url link) would be picked up (during a routine crawl) and indexed by top search engines such as google.

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Help Me I Need Sell More

O.K. so here is the deal me and my mom make tamales in the winter we sell I guess you would say a pretty good amount to people at our job but I want to sell more than that.

They are very good we sell them for $8 a dozen and most people say we should sell them for more like 9 dollars a dozen. But how do i get the word out there that they are good and they are worth the money????

 No Problem

Set up a website, Twitter profile and Facebook Like Page, and link them.
Post regularly (usually tips, useful info and not just sales pitches).
Create videos (e. g. see and distribute them to different video sites.

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