What college should you go to become an enterprising or businessman?

  • The university of life. Combine that with corporate genes / blood and all is well. The entrepreneurial spirit is in you or not. You can learn a lot from the skills and acquire knowledge, but you can learn to be an entrepreneur.
  • Some of the biggest businessmen never went to college. And I would be willing to speculate that many of those who went to top universities were a total failure.
  • There's a reason they teach the subject instead of working on it ... are not necessarily to learn. The best way to learn to do something you want to learn is to learn from those already doing what you're doing. That does not mean that formal education is not good ... but spending thousands to learn is not necessary.
  • Most successful entrepreneurs have left the education system early.

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For a Investor, there is fundamental difference between Share Market and Mutual Fund?

  • Sharing is a stock of a company and are literally buying a combination of a particular company.
  • And investment funds is a kind of a gumbo of different populations (normally 20 +) made by a company or bank. so they are buying partership in several companies, but at a much smaller scale.
Consider this

In addition to sharing can be more rewarding both more risky. Investment funds are mostly less rewarding, but at the same time, less risky (as the chances of getting 20 + bankruptcy is less than getting a bankrupt company).

Stock Market

It is a market where shares of listed companies are traded (bought and sold) with the help of intermediaries. In this case by buying shares of any company that directly become part of the shareholders or owners of the company / companies. Any change in the prices of the shares of that company have a direct impact on investment and the change in value of your investment is identical to the variation in the prices of shares / stocks in percentage terms. Risk in this market is very high.

Mutual Fund

It is a financial instrument that provides investment opportunities for investors to invest in a group of classes from the investment only to invest in any fund. change in the price of various classes of assets involved do not have an equal impact on the% age value of the investment. It depends on the proportion of the fund's asset class. The risk in mutual funds is lower than the stock market.

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How to create a competitive strategy as part of a Business and Marketing plan?

Creating a competitive strategy, as part of a marketing plan and business that may help in the competition in the market and focus their efforts. By developing a competitive strategy, it is imperative that the organization will determine whether the advantage is sustainable over time. As the plan is essential to adopt a competitive strategy of an organization to add value to their customers and community.


Identify areas of focus of your organization and how to differentiate from the competition. Does your organization be a leader, follower or a company that offers challenges? Determine who your target customer is identified and its target population. Consider what type of clients they serve or served and their characteristics, which will provide, and where they are provided. This is important on several levels, since it will help your organization's strategy.

Create a list of competition

Make a list of organizations competing in your area or online that can be part of the current market share or future. Ranking the jurisdiction of the strongest competitor to the weaker and the market trends that may affect its size and customer base. Outline the strengths and weaknesses of the companies offering the same or similar services. You can treat broken into four distinct categories, including customer base, funds / investors, human resources, and online advertising or regional level. Take this test may help find ways forward as a leader in its market and give you methods to compete with others in the market.

Create a list of its market

Create a list that focuses on how you will expand your market. This may include finding new users, creating new clients or even encourage more use of products or services. Based on this information, consider how you can protect your current market, while enhancing its relationship with its consumers directly.

Gather Information

Gather all the information you created and write a sentence that describes your organization's strategy and competitive strategy. You can also write the text of a statement that takes the two together, focusing on both competition and strategies of the organization.

The strategy

Review and discuss competitive strategy with shareholders and other directors of the organization. You need to determine if the statement can be sustainable for years to come. Once there is a consensus that will remain sustainable competitive strategy, then you can take as a business strategy of your organization.

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How to Increase the Sales of your business of one easy Way

No matter what business you are in, customers want to know your company appreciates your patronage. A simple "Thank You" is an inexpensive way for a business to express their gratitude to their customers. You can go a long way with a client and may lead to future sales, referrals and long-term relationships business. Thanking customers for their business shows that the values ​​of your company to a customer, not only before the sale, but after the sale, too.

The first is:

Tell the patient, "Thanks," and say it with feeling. Make your verbal "thanks" for customer facing staff by name and mention specifically what you are thanking him for.  

The second is:

Write a note of personal thanks. This can include writing "Thank You" on an invoice or receipt, or sending a personal thank you card written by hand after a purchase or service. Address the note to each customer, instead of the client organization, and mentions the purchase of his client in the note.

The third is:

We offer discounts for frequent customers, providing a coupon to use on your next purchase. Or, create an incentive program, offering customers a discount point or gift after a certain number of purchases, such as "buy five players and receive the sixth free." Stamp and punch card programs build loyalty and provides an incentive for the customer to make your next purchase at your business.

The fourth is:

Send a gift as a token of appreciation. A gift can include an item with the company logo of your company, a food basket, stationery and calendars. Using your company logos on an element can function as a thank you gift as a sign of marketing for your business.


Holiday-mail thank you cards to frequent customers during the winter holidays. The holiday cards must be nondenominational and a generic theme of winter, not to offend anyone's religious beliefs. A simple, handwritten "Thank you for your business," note inside the card will suffice.

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Where can you find selected apartments in USA?

Use a service like or You'll find everything you need to know about a rental unit. These sites include rental rates, so the parking situation is, if the storage units on site, laundry service, and if a pet friendly apartment. Some sites also show the comments posted by others about the apartments - including views on how safe the neighborhood or the management response form is the solution of problems.

Consider this

After looking around on the Internet is able to figure what can and can not afford. No point in going to look in places that can not afford or do not have the features you need. Time is very important to you now.

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