What is the best method to follow to become a freelance writer or teleworker?

  • You can take college courses in writing and literature, these will help you to hone your craft. Call up your local community college, or a 4 year college if they are closer, and ask these questions. Someone in those departments will be happy to talk with you.
  • In the meantime, practice your writing everyday. If this is what you want to do, start by doing it, and then look for ways to further your knowledge and experience.
  • As far as the markets are concerned, there are many good books at the library, and much info on the internet if you search under the topics in which you are interested.
  • Many schools such as community colleges and regular colleges will have courses specifically for this. Look into these and see if you can not enroll in one.

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It is good to use Telemarketing to increase Sales?


Is a technique where a salesman tries to sell their products or services to potential customers via telephone. It is one of the most powerful sales tool for expanding a business. But because of its misuse, has become very unpopular among a section of the masses.  


Telemarketing (sometimes known as inside sales or telesales in the UK and Ireland) is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson asks potential customers to purchase products or services, either by phone or through face back of the face or Web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call. Telemarketing can also include recorded sales pitches programmed to be played through the phone via automatic dialing. Telemarketing has been criticized in recent years, being seen as a nuisance by many.

For example

Have you ever received a call when you're dining or in the middle of your favorite television show of somebody trying to sell storm windows or an alarm system for your home? That was a TV salesman. They can be very annoying, as they try to sell things that do not need or want - such as insulation of a house when you live in an apartment or covering when you live in a brick house.

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How do you decide a Stop Limit on Stocks?

A stop limit would generally be used as a way to enter a position, like on a breakout play.
For Example:

Stock symbol XYZ is trading at $15 a share but you think if it hits $16 a share it will breakout to the upside. So in this example you would place a buy stop limit with a trigger of $16 and a limit of maybe $16.10. Once the stock trades through $16 it will place a limit order to buy you the stock at $16.10 or lower.

To exit a position, generally you would do a stop market, not a stop limit.

For example

You own symbol XYZ already at $15 a share, so you place a sell stop market at $14 to limit your loss. As soon as the stock trades down to $14, it will sell you out at the market.

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Why do stock prices fluctuate about dividends?

The value of a stock depends not only on dividends.  

In fact, there is a whole school of thought called irrelevance of dividends that says the amount of dividends does not matter at all, because the assessment should not rely on representations decision on whether or not to reinvest or distribute cash. You can make your own dividends, just sell some of their shares if the company has too much cash for his taste.


Stock prices do fluctuate in a sense that there is a much more volatile when the market is open than when closed (ie, near open vol) and this really can not be explained by the difference in news. Much of this is just the randomness caused by people buying and selling shares.

Contrary to the suggestion of previous posters

Many of those transactions in which no one has any special commitment to the population going up or down. For example, much of the investment is indexed for purchase are required to keep track of indices. Many of sell orders are simply on the need for money and that the readjustment of the index. Market makers are buying or selling, because it is their job to provide liquidity. Stock is purchased to meet exployee exercise of stock options. People buy or sell shares to cover certain risks. Etc, etc, etc. (That is, forget those silly things, after "Just remember")

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How to buy and sell on the balance of the Stock Market?

  • Go to a veteran message board that has been around for 10 years that has traders from all markets. Thousands of day traders, swing, etc. Its all free and I use it daily

  • There are always available buyers and sellers - the question is at what price. The only exception would be illiquid stocks such as "penny stocks." Those trade very lightly.

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Can you invest with a chase visa debit card in modernwarfare 3 or infinity ward?

You can not use a debit card.  

But you can use the bank account debit card is connected to is what I use and they are fast, inexpensive, and have great customer service. You can not invest in a specific product, but the company that manufactures the product. 
I recommend  

Doing more research before seriously considering the investment taking into account the context of the question. The investment is 100% risk, which means you can lose all your money at any time. Infinity Ward is also a privately owned company which means that the public can not invest

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I want to start buying stocks and shares, which is cheaper and easier?

  • There are sites like Motley Fool and Datec, which will let you test with fake money. $ 7 per trade now, his game, people win, sometimes, get like $ 100 and prove you willcare more if real money, good luck, and you will learn more if their real price.
  • I use and highly recommend it. It's only $ 5 per trade. No minimum balance. No hidden fees. They also have customer service world class to answer questions quickly and at any time.

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What is Better sold Wholesale or Dropshipping – Online Business Advice (UK)?

Commercial web sites tend to use both words loosely.  

However, it can not be blamed for this because wholesale and dropshipping are closely linked, however, there are a few differences. Wholesale products, obviously, means large quantities and sell at prices below what would cost to buy small quantities of the same product.

Dropshipping products do not have to be low priced or sold in bulk. But only buy the item will be more expensive due to handling, packing and shipping charges added to it. Dropshipping allows you to sell merchandise directly to your customer.

Wholesale is better.  

Wholesale products, obviously, means large quantities and sell at prices below what it would cost to buy small quantities of the same product.


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Some Basic things you can do to Start a Business

1.) Decide whether you should form an llc, inc, or simply operate a sole proprietorship.

2.) After you figure out step 1 and form you business, open a business bank account. It's definitely a good idea to completely separate your business from personal accounts for tax time.

3.) Look into getting liability insurance for your type of business. You never know, someone might sue you if you make a mistake.

4.) Find good bookkeeping software and keep track of your business income and expenses. Be sure to keep all reciepts organized for the end of the year. You will need your reciepts if you get audited.

5.) Come up with a marketing plan. How are you going to get new customers? Post fliers, newspaper ads, postcards, etc? Create an acceptable budget and stay consistent even if at first you don't get any customers.

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What Foods sold in a Sandwich Shop?

First off

It is a great idea to make sure that every item you sale in the food industry will return double. In other words, figure out how much your sandwhich costs you to make, let say $2, and charge twice that at $4. You almost have to have this margin to make a legitimate go of it.

Start watching the Travel channel for great ideas. 

Man vs. Food is always displaying different type of sandwhiches. Here is a list I would consider if I was opening a sandwich shop:
  • Reuben
  • Philly Steak
  • Ham and Cheese
  • Turkey and cheese
  • Pastrami and cheese
  • Meatball
  • Bologna and cheese
  • Sausage Dogs
  • Hot Dogs
  • Salami, pepperoni and cheese

Obviously you can make all kinds of different sandwiches with different combinations. I would push about 5 or 6 standard sandwiches and consider putting out all sorts of toppings for hot dogs and sausage dogs.

As far as things to eat with sandwiches: Cole slaw, Potato Salad, macaroni salad, potato chips, french fries, potato wedges, macaroni and cheese

Desserts: I would keep simple. Cookies, brownies,

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