Who owns the house on a land contract, to the seller or the buyer?

  • Seller but the buyer has an equitable interest, rather than on a lease-option.
  • Seller until a recorded deed land contract that gives the buyer of certain rights or the fact that the seller to the buyer.
  • The buyer is an owner of a contract, the seller is the legal owner. If the seller did not want to fulfill the contract, the buyer should have the seller to court and enforce the contract. That is why there must be legal language stating that the loser pays any claim attorney's fees (do not know when the lawyer was reasonable).

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What documents are needed to rent your first apartment?

Varies somewhat from property to property (more established, larger properties in areas requiring more pleasant, of course), but here are some things you can ask
  • First and last month's rent (very common)
  • Security deposit (also common)
  • Pet deposit, pet ownership
  • Credit history - the most pleasant, often the better your credit needs
  • Aval - although not explicitly required, if you have bad credit or no history, which has a row for at least the first year of your rent can help you get anyway
  • Full details of all the tenants - if you want mate, and make sure you have all your information too - to come up with half of what you need shows to be disorganized and perhaps not the best candidate for hire
  • Renters Insurance - covers your property in case of fire, theft, whatever (check policy to verify coverage) - also shows that it is a good tenant.
  • Rental history - can only be a hall of residence as this is their first apartment, but hey, better than nothing.
Info Automobile

Possibly including license plate numbers and proof of insurance. May be needed for parking passes, and assure the owners that are covered in the event that remains of his property.  

In addition, You may need to authorize a background check, credit check, or even a criminal background check.

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Can you please state the differences of Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting?

Management Accounting provides senior management with reports that are oriented toward the future while Financial Accounting provides reports based on historical information. No time frame for production of statements of management accounting, but accounting financial statements required to be produced during the previous 12 months.

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What kind of Jobs are available with a degree in Music Business?

When you say the "music business, this might be a number of things such as helping artists record and market their music promoting bands or clubs, or work with concert promoters or even be an agent

Perhaps also

Honestly most of which does not involve knowing "the music"theory, and marketing your business more. The other thing you could do is work with those who want music lessons. Many music stores have organized classes in music, you probably need people to promote this.

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How important is the objection of sales in a company?

Establish sales targets for each call, meeting or sales interaction becomes a common activity performed.


Well, that's simple - improves concentration and provides a target for their interaction. So if you are making a cold call or a meeting to explore for the first time I think about putting down some objectives:  

  • What I want to accomplish in this call or meeting?
  • What result do I want?
  • What actions do I want to happen at the end of the call or meeting?
  • How I can know if I have success?
  • If you do not achieve my goal, what will I go then?

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What work can a degree in Biomedical Sciences to get?

Sorry, more direct degree biomedical science are the basis for achieving an advanced degree in a field. With a bachelor's degree, is likely to find a job with the biotechnology and biomedical companies to help in a lab, selling anything medically related types.
Some of the work in a hospital, basically your standard stuff. Seek work in areas of heavy activity in the field - Carolina's Research Triangle, Oklahoma City, Dallas, etc.

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What are the best cities to work as pharmacy technicians?

  • In India, pune, mumbai cities are best.
  • Denver has a lot of hospitals and health centers ... Denver hospitals can search and do a search on their websites for their open positions. All jobs posted online.

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I need ideas for projects to do my MBA and strategic management?

You're supposed to do a project in a real company? It is possible to give some details about exactly what it is supposed that the project contains. You're supposed to solve a problem? More information

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What is the meaning of a Line of Credit?

A line of credit at a bank may be very small or very large depending on some things. Say you have $ 1000 credit line, basically a place where you can drag and drop the money you need regardless of the amount and put it in your regular account. Then, each month to repay the money and keep the loans if necessary.

This is a loan.

One with an open-ended amount, but usually with an upper limit. You can borrow from it by checking on it, or whatever agreement provides the bank or lender. Interest is charged on it underwith current / monthly balance (checkyour particular agreement for details ). They also differ in the required repayment schedules.

The advantage

Is that you're only charged interest on what you borrow, the time to borrow.

The disadvantage

Is that generally have a higher interest rate due to the uncertainty of how much the lender will be performed at a given time, making it more difficult for them to plan their finances.

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