What are the negative aspects of opening your own business, besides losing money?

I would say that may affect the credit both ways. If you do good beginning and can not pay the bills by fast, then obviously hurt your credit. I am looking to start a business and I did not realize how much work it actually is. Seeking grants, learning about taxes, laws, regulations and licensing can be a lot of work.

Very important

I think after spending a lot of bump start, just be smart and only spend what you can. The budget is the most important part of a successful business. One negative aspect of owning a business is a big responsibility. If something goes wrong you can not escape it. It's scary, but be smart and do your research and be a positive experience!

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Can a Non US Citizen Invest Stock in US?

  • Have to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to invest in stocks. You can invest in stocks if you have a social security number.
  • You can buy foreign mutual funds in their home country and invested in U.S. securities for you? The actions would be more difficult. You can contact a broker in your country who will invest their money in foreign stocks for you and then you have to tell you what to buy.
  • Another option is to open a brokerage account online at your home with one of the brokerage firms that buy foreign stocks allows you and then you're on your own, buying and selling through that account. That's not very difficult in reality.
  • Yes, if you have a U.S. address and social security number, you can open an account with a U.S. broker. It might help to have a driver's license or photo ID issued by the state. However, social security number is the main requirement.
  • You will have an identification number from the U.S., either Soc.Sec or work ID, both are acceptable to the U.S. securities industry
  • Call the broker / dealer you are considering using for your transactions, and verify this. I had many non U.S. citizens as customers of my company and have never had any problems or fiscal policy

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How to Become a Hedge Fund Manager?

Normally, getting a job in this field is based on two things;
  • Education
  • Past experience and performance
Experience and ability

Due to the nature of hedge funds, only those who have a proven track record and are considered good reputation for managing the fund.

You start 

With a degree in Finance / Economics and then start working on the financial sector, usually something there is no risk. Teller (made during their education, and not after the degree), bank manager, and then move in the chain of positions of increasing responsibility as an insurer of credit union loan or whatever. At this point, chances are you can get a job with a brokerage firm. 

This is not the only way, but it is fairly typical. This is a * great * work for many years. You have to succeed every step forward. Worth the effort!

Bachelor's Degree
  • In a relevant subject (math, finance, physics, accounting, economics, etc.) from a good school with a strong GPA.
  • Working for the formation of 3-4 years to be an analyst, either fundamental or quantitative.
  • MBA from a good school with a strong GPA.
  • Get CFA (best credential for investment) at some point. see
  • The official position as an analyst level, ideally working with the teams of the portfolio of several.
  • Portfolio Manager long only accounts.

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Is it really worth investing in Penny Socks?

Not worth it - it's like playing the lottery. It is cheap to buy a ticket, but the chances of winning are astronomically small and most of the time is lost money in the long term. If you want to start investing, contact a financial planner or open a registered retirement savings.

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What is Google Adwords and how to use it?

It is an advertising tool provided by Google. To pay Google to promote your business through AdWords and put your advertising on websites relevant to your business.

This is a website promotion and marketing system

Using the right keywords you are promoting your website rank among the Google results and values ​​of the parts of each keyword a value that is subject to supply and market demand.

For example

If you associate your site with the keyword "car", the use of the word ad board script utility to determine the current value of the same, for example $ 1 then if you pay $ 1.1 to ensure that every time someone looks at your website vehicle will arrive first. 


Once you click on your account will be charged that amount, you can specify the maximum amount you want to spend per day, for example $ 10 per day the word ad dashboard is linked to your Gmail account

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How can you Design a Website to get more Visitors?

Once you have decided that, first, do keyword research to find the best search terms people are using to find you and your subject. Just use the tool Google AdWords keyword (search engine keyword and will arrive at the top) and details of terms to choose those who have a good monthly search volume and low competition. Be sure to qualify for the relevance of the theme of your website.

Now that you have keywords 

To find a domain name is preferable that exactly matches your main keyword. You can go to and make a thick record search, enter keywords and see what domain names are available. If you want "cool" to avoid using lots of Flash! It will hurt your natural search traffic.

Some additional tips to build your website ... 

1. Build each page about one of your keywords .. make sure your engine optimization search using title tags, description and headlines on your content with keywords in them accurate. 

2. USE OF VIDEO! It is by far the best way to quickly connect with your visitors! Educational and informative and add some interesting things in their videos. 

3. Give something away for free people to leave your name and email address! You want to be sure you catch these so you can build a relationship with visitors to your site.

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Is there a Free Online advice for Researchers?

I am a marketing researcher who is currently in the process of seeking advice in line to start a discussion group on the effect of social networks for consumers. I'm in I have a very limited budget and I am particularly looking for any free discussion platform edge that you can use to conduct an online discussion group or perhaps daily video too? website or phone number is greatly appreciated.

Have it your way

I have used boards online for research before, but never found a free one as far as I know. Most are paid Online Service Boards.

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How can you find a decent publisher and literary agent without getting ripped off?

Why not publish with What is an Amazon site, where you can publish your books in print books on demand. Check out the website and then you can check the forums on the subject.
Amazon has the promotions,  

The book is in its database, you can do some promotions for yourself, too. Have a friend (if you do not know how) to create a simple WP site for his book and a link to the Amazon sales page. Be sure to sign up as an affiliate of Amazon so you can get credit for the link to your book if someone buys it.
There are many ways that it can promote. 

To create a space that you can buy copies of his book very cheap and offer them to libraries around to see if it will help promotion. Is it a book review site, in addition to promoting WP site and this link to the Amazon book page. In the book review site you can get the opinions of people who have read the book people have shown.
You can also 

Go across the Amazon and publish the same book on the Kindle. Thus, Amazon is now promoting the book in two ways.

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What are good ways to Sell ads Yearbook?


You should think about what companies will want to advertise to a group of school age (eg, fast food and other restaurants, cinemas, etc.). So it's likely to just talk to the managers of these places and let them know your offer. Make sure you can tell exactly how much it will cost, how many people are willing to buy the yearbook, etc (you want all the details before agreeing to buy any advertising space).


You can also try making a simple brochure that anyone could give managers after talking with them to remember your offer or at the hands of less discriminatory for companies. The traveler must include contact information, prices, and most importantly the key points presented and it would be a good investment for an advertising business in the directory (for example, the number of people likely to see the ads) .


If you can get in touch with who was in charge of selling advertising space before, I certainly have advice for you. The bottom line is you should not be afraid to ask the best way to sell space. Ask your teachers, peers, etc.

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