How can an International Nurse get a job in the US?

State would have to decide what you want to work and get a nursing license in that state. They will evaluate your education and experience, and decide if you are eligible for the NCLEX exam for licensure. You also need to apply for a green card that lasts about 5 years to get after applying.

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Could work with satellites with a computer science degree?

It took me that long to get a good degree in computer science and really want to work with satellites that would be all you need. Some kind of engineering degree would be the obvious choice, but it sounds a computer science degree as a loss to make good.  

Identification imagine that NASA and the European equivalent would be looking to hire people who can read and write computer. Another possibility is to seek some kind of learning or work.

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How do you Get experience in Public Relations?

You may have to accept an entry level job as a salesman in a store or as a receptionist at a car dealership or something. It is very difficult to enter work of consumer relations nowadays. Companies are not hiring for jobs that do not provide an immediate benefit, tangible. They are fighting hard for every penny these days.

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When the Credit Card expires What happens to the Paypal Account?

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  • You will not be able to make any purchase with your credit card through PayPal. Once the expiration date of the new card to your PayPal account must be good to go. At least that was my experience
  • Nothing. You only need to update the expiration date of the cards.

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Do you Need some type of Bank account to have and Use a PayPal account ?

Yes, you need a bank account or credit card to attach to your PayPal and verify your identity. when you pay with PayPal. Paypal account receives money from the bank account.

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You may be able to register and get away with not adding one for a short time, but are limited in the amount you will spend or receive in your account and then will stop and not let you do anything until you add an account bank or credit card.

And if you are under 18, do not bother trying to avoid PayPal TOS think you can fib on your birth year and then get a prepaid card to validate what you are. That does not work well.

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What is a Poor Credit Rating, and How do you Get It?

A bad credit rating is when you do not pay by the due date to be recorded and stays there forever. for example. so when you want a mortgage loan approved may have problems due to unpaid phone bills are on the register and so on.


If the balance being carried over 30% of what your credit limit is, then yes, you are hurting your credit rating.

  • Something small fee each month as food or gas.
  • You must pay in full each month. No games to carry balances.
  • Never use more than 30% of your available limit.
  • Example: limit of 500. Never use more than 150 at any time.
  • Carry balances can easily destroy credit scores.
  • That's why experts say. Pay in full each month for top scores.

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What Career is better Real Estate Agent or an Accountant?

Real estate agent and accountant both are good career fields. If you are good in accounting, then you should go to the fields of accounts. And if you want to do business, then go for real estate.


It depends on your ability to interact with either the BS these people and why this house is a house of your dreams, or if you are good with numbers and people saying how they spend their money without having to send the bankruptcy or if you want to make the tax side.

Realtor with accounting

In fact, I am considering these two options and maybe even both. Real estate agent with accounting as a second job? Whatever path you decide to choose will be best for you sure! Just choose what you like and what is the best! Everything will be fine in the end.

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Can you Afford to Rent an Apartment without a Job?

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  • Yes I did. He moved to a new city and state out of work. I paid 6 months in advance. Although I did not have to, I decided to pay just to impress the owner.It works! This was in Chicago, not knowing how other cities and states of work, especially the smaller ones. Great city is different, they have more variety and availability, especially in the market for a tenant Chicago!
  • Someone who I'm sure. Do you know how much apartments cost in which we live? That's a lot of money.
  • I would like to offer to put money in a deposit account with automatic payments. Then you need not worry that they will take all your money and sell the house or something.
  • Probably if you pre-pay. Usually places that do credit checks wants to see your income is approximately 3 times the amount of income so you will be able to pay expenses. If pre-payment will be more lenient

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How do You know if it is a Good Time to Buy a Home?

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  • House prices are very cheap now, which makes the purchase.
  • Tons of empty homes and not enough "real" jobs to pay for them, I hope you get everyone out cheaper cause "is bankrupt. If you have a good job, go for it.
  • Not really, unless there is a lot of money. It always depends on the economy, particularly your own "economy."
  • There are some things you can see, 1. Cheaper than rent itself 2. You have the money and can afford it. 3. You want the pride of ownership.
  • If you adjust your financial plan, which could be a very good time to buy.

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Where can you Find an isolated House for Rent?

In the UK, or findaproperty Fotocasa. In France and Spain Seloger You really need to get an idea of where you want to be and then look in that area, rather than random search websites.

Consider this

Note that an isolated rural property may not have the basic amenities you expect in a common property. It costs a lot of money to bring power lines and gas pipelines to serve an isolated property. In addition, you may have trouble getting broadband or cable TV if you are really far from civilization

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