I'm looking for a better alternative to Ebay?

I would say Craigslist, ... I know that is local and there is a little more leg work in terms of knowing the person to make the transaction, but I sold a lot of things on Craigslist. Most often the things sold at a higher price than it would on Ebay.

Face to Face

Craigslist is good for local businesses, where it is sent across the country. * They have zero guarantees or insurance in any of the transactions, so it would use for anything other than a face to face \ cash & carry of the transaction.

Also. Amazon Marketplace

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Are there other ways to make money if you can not find a job?

  • Odd jobs like mowing, dog walking etc pay well if you're just looking for some extra money without the commitment of a job. Get a part-time job is your best bet.
  • Put your talents to good use and offer to do work for people on their own. When I was in college a few years ago, I used my knowledge of technology to earn some cash on the side of the construction and service teams to the guys in my bedroom. You will earn more money once you get a real job, but it's good to work independently of the provisional.
  • Many useful web sites
  • Babysitting, mowing lawns, cleaning, etc, etc. You have to take the initiative and ask what can be done for a fee.
  • Ebay ...

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How Can you be chief operating officer of Nintendo Australia?

The first thing I do is find the current director of operations and see its bottom!. Personally, I think Australia have the most marketing sales and customer service, but I might be wrong

This is a good start:
  • 1) Go on Linkedin
  • 2) Search for the people working at Nintendo
  • 3) filter only people in Australia
.. to see if you get something useful!

Another Idea

You get a lot of people who have money to invest in your business, then you hire people who know about marketing, game development, etc.

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What Should I Choose Medical assistant or Medical coding careers?

Both of these jobs require only a one-year certificate or training for work. That along tells you that you will not have an incredible job. And salary offers plenty. Medical billing and coding link Liaison Physician Assistant. You may want to steer clear of online schools.

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What are Some Examples of alternative Sources of credit?

Young people are beginning to establish credit have a hard time because they have no credit history to help build classifications. Some types of mortgage credit option need resources to establish a sinking fund, showing monetary obligation.  

Alternative credit is actually unreported

(In the direction of the credit bureaus Equifax, Experian or Trans Marriage) good reputation for paying customers who have accounts with the company's current providers of these services.


If a house or an apartment, even that has produced the bottom of the lease. This research in particular is great because it probably represents the largest amount of money spent long, month after month. Rental history is really important when applying for a mortgage because it represents how you manage to pay off your house.

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Is there any way where you can Purchase gold in EMI?

  • Yes gold can be purchased by credit card with emi option in many branded as well as online stores.
  • Yes you can purchase gold at a time with credit card from online shopping.
Consider this

Don't buy by credit card interest rate is very high, visit you near by nationalised bank or co-op bank,  in pune VIDYA SAHAKARI BANK does. rate of interest for nationalised is 10% p.a, for co-op 12% p. a & credit card it is 36% p.a

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What is the Difference between a Stock Dividend and a Cash Dividend?

  • The difference is one is in cash and the actions of others! What usually happens is that they have assigned their dividends in cash and then you have a choice to buy shares at a low cost, in a trickle or voucher scheme. This has the effect of compounding dividends. The tax treatment is exactly the same. From the standpoint of the company is cheaper to issue more shares to maintain and money.
  • The dividends are dividends. You can take them in cash or, in some cases, you can have them automatically reinvested by purchasing additional shares.
  • Will be issued a stock dividend so we still could afford, but keep the money in the company. With stocks you own more and more of the company, but could gain or lose value over time, it's a risk you take. With cash, which essentially get what the stock is worth at the time of payment.

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What are the Reasons for not Investing in Commodity Market?

You're not an expert. Commodities are by experts in each field. Example, the orange market is run by people who use the oranges for a living. Are the crops verification, weather patterns, the problems of errors, so always have your finger on the pulse and know exactly why prices go up or down.  


In the market can hurt you if you do not know what you are doing. For more information about investment control

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What is the appropriate Server for small Businesses or New?

It really depends on what your business needs are. Microsoft Small Business Server is probably one of your best bets. If software cost and licensing is a concern, you could use Open Source software packages such as ClearOS (free linux based server).

To take that a step further

You could buy off-lease or used PCs and load them with Linux Ubuntu (or any Linux Distrobution) as the desktop operating system. You would save a ton of money in software purchasing/licensing and antivirus, however you would need a knowledgeable administrator to set it up, plus some end user training.

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How to deal with Rude Customers in your Business?

It is best to stay calm, I have no problems of stress and had a lot of rude customers, from my experience, just do not want to be the cause to take it out on you, or are having a bad day.  


One thing is to help with stress is to do breathing exercises or yoga, which really help. if your at work, just go sit down close your eyes put your head between your knees and a 4 long, slow breaths will feel much better.

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