Where Can I find Important Reports that determine the Stock Market?

I know I have to look for GDP, consumer spending, SEC, S & P, Moody, housing, unemployment, quarterly reports, inflation, the Federal Reserve. I do not know where to get these reports and when they leave. Where I can find these reports and other reports I look for? 

Nationa Bureau of Economic Research

Economic Indicators and Releases..................

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Can you Identify two Essential Skills or Cornerstones that will lead you to Success?

  • Sense of hard work and common. Seriously - these things are rare in today's market. I'm taking a hard worker with good common sense in a flaky genius at any time.
  • Having the courage and thinking things through. You can have both. You can have the courage to do things impossibe and think through before doing so.
  • Being able to answer your questions on the application itself, and not after them all the answers.

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What jobs should you look for after a course in Tourism and a IT training?

There is no correlation between these two courses! However, you can open your own tour and travel agency and can establish a good business!


You could try one of the many travel Web sites. They might have the need for a technician with exposure to tourism.

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The field is easier to get a job with a degree in computer science or electrical engineering?

About the degree

There is a department called computer science and engineering at universities. You can get a degree in "electrical engineering, computer 'computer science and engineering" and "information science."

Could be the best field

I think the strong field at this time. That, and there are very few universities offering a major in "usability" - the specific art / science of writing software that is easy to use for the computer owner. Many programmers do not always give an idea of ​​the ease of use and that is why some software just gets you nuts. Websites must also be easy to use. That area is growing rapidly.

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Do you Have to go to College to get into Nursing, Is there another Way?

  • You must have a college degree to become a nurse. However, in addition to classroom work, in its third year of college is going to start doing clinical at the hospital. I shadow a nurse and get hands on training in all departments of the hospital.
  • You can not become a nurse learning in the workplace - the need for formal education as well.
  • Not a chance. You must go through years of rigorous college courses before he can become a nurse. The job is fine for some jobs, but not for the life of the people are at stake.

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Schools for the Study of RN in Oklahoma City?

The University of Oklahoma has a huge campus health sciences center in Oklahoma City, near the capital. One school is the school of nursing.

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What is a Building Society reference number to Work in UK?

That is indeed the account number (personal to you).

A number of work permit is exactly what it says: If you need a work permit to work in the UK, you must give the number of permission to confirm that you have one (you need to produce the original to your employer and make sure it is fine).

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Jobs for Finance Majors?

First is the investment banking. It can be very fierce and reserved for graduates of high school like Wharton, Harvard, etc.. Investment banking is the structuring of deals, complex business models, etc.. You will be working late into the night, basically your job is your life.

There are financial services, where is the center or back office. Here's your chance to support functions more as trade support, reconciliation, reporting, accounting and so on. The schedule is much more normal.

There is also the aspect of the sales of a financial advisor. You basically have to make cold calls to get customers to come in.

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