Is it common for people with PR degrees to work in real estate?

Some real estate agents hire PR people to get their names in the newspaper.  Since the real estate marketing is very similar to PR, you could have a great career in real estate. Who are hired to put the houses for sale and your job is to attract home buyers.

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How to invest in farmland and is a good idea?

Yes .. investment in land is always good in terms of long-term investment.


You should do more research and talk to experts with experience in real estate. Buying land is not like buying a loaf of bread.

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What is a business loan and how it works?

A loan business and many companies operate in a state revolving debt, which is why the 2008 financial crisis was a problem because the banks have simply stopped paying.

For example

X utility bill is not paid to the bank, the bank does not want the hassle of trying to collect accounts receivable, and the company is responsible for the loan to the bank and to collect accounts receivable from Company X. The company and may sell accounts receivable to debt collectors to pay 10 cents for every dollar of accounts receivable.

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How to start an electronics business and where to buy wholesale?


You must create a company and offer a wholesale / distributor resale certification. There are some who accept credit cards, but plan on using cash for the first year or so. Once you establish a credit with some of the providers (which will be very small lines at the beginning) make sure you are prompt payment (send payment within 10 days from receipt of goods). Maintaining this policy will be able to increase their credit lines over time.

The main question is what kind of electronics are you planning on selling?  

Can Google distributors in the industry. Initially, you will not receive discounts up to increase volume. It is generally advisable to have a primary source and gave as much business through that source that can. It is also advisable to shop all distributors on a quarterly basis to see if someone offers a better deal overall.

Consider this

This is an ongoing effort to sell the buyers and their suppliers. Just remember to timely payment is the key to a successful business.

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How to find fixer-upper homes for Sale in California?

A fixer upper is a fixer upper ... It may be a traditional sale, a foreclosure or short sale. To find out fixer upper homes that are cheaper than everyone else in the area. This will often be the fixer upper.

Can you make money with it?  

Depends - see television shows where they sell homes. If more time is needed to renew his mind or can not sell ... nope it is doubtful that make much money as it would have to pay the mortgage payments.

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