Where Can I See the Frauds Usually occurring in Stock Market?

Take a look at the litigation section of the website of the SEC - has all the current and historical legal action relating to fraud, etc.

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If you are Underage, You Could Invest in Something?

There is no age minimum to invest, make money from those investments, and pay taxes on their profits.


There is a minimum age to open an account at a bank or brokerage. You may have to have a parent opens an account for you. But then that would be responsible for taxes. There are some cases where you can make money a year, you lose money the next, and then have a tax bill that you can not afford to pay.

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What is Viral Marketing and How to Use it ?

This is free advertising. If you want to promote yourself as a television actor, you can make a YouTube video of himself. It may be funny or serious. If the video shown on Jimmy Kimmel's show, you can get a job in Hollywood as an actor. 

If you have tried to go the traditional route, you may have spent 10 years in Hollywood auditions without going to a job offer.

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Do you Need a degree in MBA and BA for get a Telemarketing Job?

It usually does not need any title for a telemarketing job.... If you want to work in management, an MBA to work well, but MIS has nothing to little to do with telemarketing

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How to Get a Retail job in South Africa about Project Management? - you can use this site to find the entry level part-time jobs in restaurants and department stores.

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Where Can I Find a Good Free Site for Making Websites?

I understand that if you want a free site, but for business you should try to get a domain and hosting account. It looks more professional and not many free sites are on the front page does not mean you can not get there, but have less control over SEO.

If you must go free because of finances as soon as you can get your own. Search free websites that will pull a lot. Play with them and find one you like.

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How to ask Buyers to Leave Feedback on Ebay?

Some buyers do not leave comments. Some moved to the afternoon. Usually, the invoice I send with my products I have to include a note saying:

Thank you for your business! Once they have left no comments for this article I know you are satisfied with your purchase and all is well. So to leave feedback on eBay. If you are in any way unhappy with your purchase, please contact me immediately ..... @. com

Consider this

I realized early on that e-mails and asking that sometimes bothers them. They can leave comments that do not want.

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How to Submit an Article Online?

Try top 5 article directories to submit your articles .. and add a picture of author to get backlinks to your site. We recommend you submit your blog to these 4 sites:
  • ezinearticles
  • buzzle
  • GoArticles
  • articlebase

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What are some Legit paid Surveys where you can win money or prizes of light?

There are some, but they only pay about 4 cents per hour. It should be mentioned if you are willing to work for this..... There are few like Ipsos Isay, aware of the survey, the survey research rather abd pineapple.


You need to join some of them only one or two in this way to get more survey invitations. It is also more than likely not be entitled to all the polls do not get discouraged, it is something that just happens.

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How Much is the Price of a Domain Name that has no Traffic?

Hard to say. Depends on how good / popular / easy to remember domain name. Although it has no traffic, the owner might be looking to develop something in that domain later. It could also be someone who parks domains for profit and selling to people who ask. It could also be a business that went out of business. 
So in general 

It is difficult to give a price range for the domain, we do not know how good it is. I would say that a domain useless (a small company that sank without visitors and bad name) would be close to free (under $ 20), but it is a good name that is just parked, it could be thousands of dollars despite which has no traffic today.

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