Which degree is good for investment banking, Financial Economics, Finance or Management ?

The degree is less important than school. I know that children who were unable to enter investment banking with degrees in mathematics, finance, economics, etc, but children with levels less land applied by the banking jobs in the best schools. I would say it would be best to go to a destination and a school scholarship, economics, mathematics or any combination of the three.

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Computer technical support is a successful career?

I do not think it's very well paid, especially as many jobs as outsourcing centers to call long distance, where wages are low. Also, a lot of people are becoming more computer literate and can fix their own problems.

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Some Suggestions to open a Bar & Grill. How to Successfully Start


What kind of bar to open. Bars range from neighborhood pubs, sports bars, or specialty martini and bars. You can open a warehouse or a club with dancing and evening shows.


General demographic characteristics of the proposed location of the bar. Determine the direction you would like to run the business as they learn more about their customers.


To niche publications to keep abreast with the latest in the bar business. Beer and Wine Wholesalers keep track of how their product lines out in the local market. Providers will be happy to help: if you do well, which will also benefit.


On other bars in the area of ​​the proposed location. Login via local posts to know where people go, what's hot, what works and what does not. Contact the editors lifestyle of local newspapers and magazines. It can give an idea of ​​the bar of success in your area, and clues as to why the others were unsuccessful.


The perfect place. Target a specific neighborhood or area of ​​the city, find a place that is convenient with ample parking.


A name for the bar. Be sure to choose a name that supports the expectations of its customers. You probably do not want to call an Irish pub The "Thin" or call his place "Jazz Central" if you plan to feature only local rock bands.


A business plan. Putting a business plan that challenges you and brings home the reality of all that is involved in running a bar. Project costs for the accumulation and opening expenses, facilities, furniture and equipment. Use a good template to guide you through the different sections of a business plan, ask the right questions on the fly.


In investors. Talk to a broker once you have a solid business plan, you may be eligible for a small business loan.

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How Can I start a business of making phones like Nokia, Motorola, etc?

First you need to know which components you need in your phone, the source of them. Then someone will design decent software.  


You need a place to build the phone and also a place to make the outer shell to hold the components then staff need to be trained then advertising and get big business to you. Naked is a big job in the company investing millions big enough to produce a new product.

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How Can You Get a Business License to Sell Candy?

You can check this website what you want. You will see links on this topic specifically in the left and right so you do not have to go searching all around

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Is There any Possibility of Fraud in the Stock Market?

  • Where there is money and the possibility of manipulation of fraud always exists
  • Of course. There is no possibility of fraud anywhere. Here is what criminals do for a living!
  • Yes unless you are a person of high net worth, which can not approach the registered stockbroker. They are forced to go to the Sub - brokers, where they face the risk of your money to appropriate some forums day or short sale and get the late delivery of shares / stocks purchased by you through them.
  • You should always go to a broker knows that you or recommended by their friends.

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How to Calculate the amount of a investment ? For example 1300 at 4% compounded quarterly for 6 years

Whenever they have a compounding interval qualifier, that means the rate expressed is a nominal rate. Nominal means in name only and is often used for a value that's wrong but close enough.

This is because 

The practice of annualizing a rate by multiplying it by the number of intervals in a year is mathematically wrong but was in use well before we figured out algebra. When they say 4% per annum compounded quarterly, they are saying that it is 1% per quarter which is actually 4.06% per year not 4% per year as there are 4 quarters in a year and 1.01^4 = 1.0406.

Your wording is 

A little bit ambiguous, are you looking for what investment would become $1,300 after six years or what a $1,300 investment will become after six years.

If it took six years (24 quarters) to build up to $1,300 at 4% compounded quarterly (1% per quarter) then the original investment is:

P = $1,300 / 1.01^24
P = $1,023.84

Now if you invested $1,300 at 4% per annum compounded quarterly for six years, you would have a balance of:

FV = $1,300 * 1.01^24
FV = $1,650.66

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Are Physical Metals a good Invest?

Physical metals are actually a pretty crummy investment and at most a small part of your portfolio, if you include everyone. A well-diversified stock portfolio (without metals) will serve you better in the long run.

You can trade equities (stocks) and futures (commodities).

However, it depends on how your investment. In this case, stocks and bonds are the options. However, products are constantly changing. For example, precious metals are good during the crisis (the crisis of European economies and bad), because investors are choosing as a refuge.  

This means that people will buy the physical metal rather than paper currencies. In other words, when people are selling dollars and buying gold, the dollar goes down, and while the price of gold will rise. Dollar and gold and inversely proportional.

It is better for you to buy shares of large companies seeking long-term growth. Take, for example, companies of cloud computing, technology companies, ... Etc.

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The Stock Returns are related to Inflation?

Inflation is the rate of money is being devalued with respect to a defined weight. The rate of U.S. $ leans against other currencies. Normally you could use a purchasing power of currencies like the peso.

For example.

Coffee used to be 50 cents per 10-ounce cup at a winery, it is now generally more than $ 1. If I purchased $ 1,000 worth of stock in 1996 and is now worth $ 1,500, could have had more coffee in 1996 than it was today. This is an example of inflationary pressure.

Is There a relationship?

A particular action is unrelated to inflation than the one based on the power to devalue. Depending on what actions are being invested in could be worth more or less in relation to inflationary pressure, but in reality there is no relationship in general.

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