What are the responsibilities and daily tasks of an insurance broker in New York State?

Insurance policies are "bound" or contract with individual insurance companies. Insurance companies are meeting presentations, etc. with each state to do business.

Daily Tasks

Most days of an agent is committed to maintaining existing policies, answering questions, resolving errors and changes or of one kind or another. Lots and lots of records and follow up with clients, insurers and the personnel of a variety of support. If you are trying not admitted carriers, you can expect everything twice.

In addition

A broker is an agent working with more than one carrier. Lots and lots of different underwriting criteria to memorize.

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I Would Like to invest in US stock market from UK, Is It Possible?

Of course you can! However, you must open an account with a U.S. brokerage firm. I do not know of any in the UK, but the reputable companies that have the option of opening a U.S. account. You can then invest in the U.S. anyway you want.

On the other hand,

If opening an account with a U.S. company will need to complete specific forms to prevent the IRS to take its capital in taxes (I think this way is the W8-BEN, it could be) wrong . There are otherwise no different from taxes on profits / losses of capital based on British law.

Consider this

One of the main corridors should be able to manage operations in U.S. markets for you. In addition, many large U.S. companies are cross-listed on the UK market.

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I want to own a Franchise... What product is good?

You're the only one who can figure that out since every situation is unique. You need to find an unmet need that is also something you enjoy doing. Complete a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and a business plan to demonstrate that the business idea is viable.

Go to ( or ( -template gallery) for instructions on how to write a business plan and sample business plans.

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How to Patent a Business name in the US?

To use the name at all - you have to be registered as dba in your state. This is not to "protect" your name alone makes it legal to use... For a brand name, go to the U.S. Patent Office and Trademark Office.

Patents are for inventions

Copyrights are the creative works such as books, music, graphics, art. Trademarks are names and slogans.

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In search of opportunities for self employment of a Computer Engineer?

I think the best would do something like developing applications for the iPhone or Android. This may include some custom hardware interface for phones / too many tablets as they have good electrical skills base.

There are also

Plenty of opportunities to develop their own software / web company. The income potential is virtually unlimited (the birds angry or ebay), but it will be very inconsistent, so you would probably like some kind of "sugar mama" with a steady job.

If you are thinking

Have some kind of private practice / consulting firm, I've never heard of such thing as computer engineers. It may be possible with a small group of engineers from a variety of fields.

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How can I get a good job if all jobs want experience?

Volunteering is a good starting point, and to gain experience and develop relationships that can lead to well-paid employment references. Also maybe try to work for friends, relatives, neighbors and people who know him.

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Starting an Online Business with a degree in Finance?

The best thing to do (easier said) is starting his own company. Otherwise, you can always be a financial adviser or what the other said. To start your own business, you will definitely need your business online. I have an internet marketing blog that shows what marketing tactics are working today and how to build your own website. (Free information)

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It is available in the field of advertising with a psychology degree?

If you have some knowledge of advertising, I think you can make great strides in the field to do hard work with the brain. does work. Psychology can be to your advantage in this field.

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Where can we store all the shortcuts to the Internet and online photo?

  • Yahoo is one of the best places to meet all your needs. You can save your book marks book mark yahoo services. You can save all your images flicker.
  • You can do that with any free email account (Yahoo, G-Mail, etc). It's not that hard.
  • You can also visit ... for this. You will see the links on this issue specifically in the left and right so you do not have to go looking everywhere.

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