What is product Liability Insurance?

Product liability is the area of ​​law in which manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and others who make products available to the public are responsible for injuries caused by products... Examples of this would be food poisoning, or sale of an electrical element that causes a fire.

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Do you need property insurance even though your business is online?

Depends - what do you sell online? If a council, and you can afford to replace your computer and other business equipment, probably not.


If you sell a product, you want coverage if the burning of values? If so, is likely to have property insurance. And you need a liability insurance anyway, if you want another person (the insurer) to pay for your defense if you are sued.

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About Trading in commodities and Forex

Is zero-sum that you can only make money if someone loses money. That means you have to be better at this than I choose to make money doing it. In actions, both can be long and ride the growing profitability of the company to riches and wealth. It is much easier to make money being long stocks that trade in commodities and currencies.

Making an argument

You can make an argument that the collective accumulation in the commodity markets is also an easy way to make money. In particular, the accumulation of precious metals has worked for the past 7 years. The hoarding of oil seems to work fine too.

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How exactly does a stock perform on options expiration day?

Back in the '80 's all the buzz about the volatility that occurred near the options expiration date. 'Triple witch Days "when the options expiration of futures, indices and stocks has been a day really scary for a commercial activity in the market (which is the third Friday of March, June, September, December, everyone knew in 1985 and nobody knows now).

About the price and expiration date

"The price of a stock trades near the exercise price of the most popular choice around 3-4 pm on the due date" is sort of weird statement. That is close to options expiration, the strike most popular choice tends to be the ATM options. You can read wrong and that the options market is an indicator of progress in the actions that will be, but that would be silly.

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Where are some good schools in California Real Estate?

I think Duane Gomers Real Estate School in California offers both classroom instruction and online... His chief instructor of the class, Minnie lush, very good.

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What certificates will I need to open a Sandwich Shop in the UK?

Only the Council in the UK can issue a change of use from retail to food. Food needs of an A3 license. depend on the amount of other food outlets that are in the area. You will need a Food Hygiene and health and safety certificate and a knowledge of all laws of catering as HACAAP and COSH.

His preparation area

It has to be rules and must be inspected by the Environmental Health Officer. If it is a craft store that will cost thousands to install a kitchen regulations. There is little benefit in sandwich shops and supermarkets are selling so cheap. You will have to pay rent, utilities, insurance, etc. before getting a penny profit. you need to speak with an expert.

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