Is healthcare administration a good career to find a good job ?

The health administration is certainly a secure job, and paid pretty well, but is often considered a very stressful job.

Consider this

Times are tough, the demands are tough, and you're seeing the public at its worst - the sick, depressed, frustrated, mentally or verbal abuse. If you do not manage an environment of high tension, so, you may want to consider other options.


The best step for you would be a Masters in Health Administration (MHA). I believe that the health science and biology are very good options.

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Alternative work for an IT Technician

Find a job that is "hard to find" their place! Are you a friendly, honest-looking person? If you have a legitimate interest of IT background and can communicate well, go to a sales position IT pays the commission ... will make much more money!

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What is nature of credit in filipino term ?

These are loans that do not have money to buy things they can not afford and pay the balance, plus a ridiculous amount of interest periodically until you are debt free. Therefore, in this economy, ever. It's great.

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How to buy things with paypal with PayPal balance without a credit card ?

Paypal wants the credit card to verify your identity and ensure that you are 18 years or more. Once the card is in it, will continue to use the balance to pay for the item.

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What are the pros and cons of buying foreclosed homes ?

  • Buy a bigger house for less money .. that about
  • On the negative side is closed forever and a lot of times that the house is destroyed and / or equipment has disappeared along with many other things.


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