What are some high paying jobs in the medical field ?

Physician Assistant. It is the way to go if you want the duties of a doctor, but do not want to go to school for more than 12 years as a doctor has to. Physician assistants also have a responsibility to do as a doctor, who is also a great advantage. PA are in high demand from now.  

The range 

Of average salary for a PA is between $ 60,000 to 100,000, according to In addition, the salary of a PA is based on / experience, so the more time has been working as an AP, the more $ $ that he / she will do. Like the doctor, the PA may specialize in certain fields of interest, such as dermatology, surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, and so on.

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How to become an accountant ?

It starts to get his degree in accounting. Your next step, if you make good money, is to be an MBA or becoming a CPA. It is very worth it because it is one of the greatest few where you can work for any company and any industry.

About Stress

Stress can be bad at peak times (time of audit, tax season, financial closing, etc.), but sometimes the stress is almost nonexistent.

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Gold isn't considered a desirable investment.

Gold is often mentioned as a joke. Paul Wilmott in an interview on CNBC said next time you're going to ask about the gold. The intrinsic value of gold is negligible and is considered the gold actually has no intrinsic value. Almost all industrial uses for gold can be replaced by tin or tungsten.

Consider this

If you buy in the sense of people who advocate buying gold and silver, which should be treasured as Bismo Pepto Bismuth is ten times rarer than silver.

A little history

Note that already in 1855, the aluminum bars shown by the French crown jewels, as it was more valuable than gold. The Washington Monument is capped at 100 grams of aluminum, as it was more valuable than silver at the time. Napoleon served his guests with foil as a display of wealth.

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Can you invest in the Stock Market without a Broker ?

You can not just buy shares yourself, you have to have a person or company to do it for you. Go online, select an online broker like Schwab, TD Ameritrade, etc. Open an account, transfer money from your bank account online broker.


What action you want to buy, go to the broker's website and fill out the information to buy. It is very simple. Purchase of shares through a broker is how it is done for average people. TD Ameritrade charges $ 9.95 per trade. If you were a broker with an office in his city, the commission would triple.

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