How to be a good sales associate at any store?

My best advice to be a sales associate from any store: kill with kindness! Be open to receive advice and be almost too nice to any customer has the opportunity to interact with. Do not let anyone enter the store without a greeting, or leave a thank you. Be sure to be as helpful and knowledgeable about the store and merchandise as possible. good luck

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How to start Dog Walking business?

Very simple. Place ads in the newspaper. Put adds in trees or walls or anywhere that you can put these things. So one thing you can also go online to look for people who need someone to take care of the dogs for a while, and you can talk to them about it, and if you do a good job, they will tell their friends, and so on, and by the time you know it, you'll have a lot of business. But wait, it will not happen overnight.

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What are good ways to protect your savings in a devaluation of the US dollar?

Reminiscent of the movie Barb Wire in negotiating the reward and asked that currency and in Canadian dollars. The U.S. dollar can devalue, devaluation of the currency of nations is a common trick to encourage people to buy domestic goods and people stop buying imported products and to stimulate the economy and jobs as domestic firms more competitive on the world market, but overall it is a strategy that is effective only for smaller countries.

U.S. is the largest economy in the world of rich

And therefore, the devaluation has fewer benefits to the U.S. after being abroad. If your expenses are mostly in the domestic products to buy Washington State apples, not from Chile and buy watermelons from California or Texas instead of from Mexico, then you have little to fear a devaluation of the currency but if you buy are from foreign countries, then the costs will rise.

This can be a good time

To check if most of your expenses are domestic or foreign. As for the protection of their investments from one currency devaluation, the products can help, but there is little intrinsic value in something like gold, investing in foreign companies can help and of course there are foreign bonds.


As Warren Buffet says, do not bet against America. Also the quote from Winston Churchill, "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing ... after they have exhausted all other possibilities" .. It may take a while, but everything goes by itself.

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Can you become a millionaire with the stock market ?

Yes .. but can also lose your shirt. Those who make wise investments with a long-term asset allocation and risk management, and clear investment objectives can become rich in time.

Consider this

Those who go for easy money usually end up losing most or all of what you put inside. If you want to do well, however, start with some good basic books, like Investing for Dummies.

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Call centers in the Philippines are good choice for sales campaigns?

I have been using outsourcing call centers for years and I can use from the Philippines and India. I can tell you from my experience in India will cost a little more, but it's better for sales. They have a less thick accent and a soft spoken tone.

Consider this

I use in the Philippines to manage my customer service, then sales in India, which saves me money. I've been using a service called inso for a while because the management of both types of schools (you can find them and other google services outsourcing call centers).

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How to start a business of saree?

It depends on the amount you can invest for your business. All you have to do your own market introduction of the softness of business and advertising your business to attract more customer has the choice to do enough for them and remember to focus on all categories of the range of client high or low. 

And most importantly you have to sell good quality materials to meet people, it's a good way to wear saree business.

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How to make good process outsourcing services ?

This is a very important question as it is their money and the representative of the line. I have been using outsourcing for years and have learned something useful from my experiences. (I currently use a company called insoluble, but you can easily find them and other online providers by searching for them).

Here are some things to look

1. Flexible billing - unrounded
2. The daily reports to
3. Experience in your industry
4. Quality Reports
5. Short timeout
6. Internal Project Manager

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