If you invest in gold as of today, What is the forecast price in 10 to 20 years?

Not everyone invests in gold. As soon as the panic passes and the stock market goes up slightly, gold will fall.

Gold rises and falls in cycles,  

when people are nervous. But it can be more valuable with time. Twenty years from now, if people are concerned, it will fall. If people are more interested in stocks will be down. But it grows over time because gold does not grow. If you buy a company and hold it for 20 years, interest in the shares going up and down (like gold - but cyclkes opposite), but the company will grow and have more value.

Consider this

With gold, the fundamental investment (gold itself) does not grow. If you have an ounce of gold will always be an ounce.

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What business can you start in Dubai?

You can start with LED plus power-saving replacement for lights and lighting and can have many suppliers ECVV! Try to find the website on google ECVV!

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About starting a business in China

Well, there are many complications to start a small business is China. Many people instead register their business in Hong Kong so you only pay 3% franchise tax instead of 20% and this also makes international money transfers easier.

Consider this

If you have a business in China are required to give employees certain benefits from certain, however many companies do not and run illegally (I know that companies with multiple factories, 100s of employees and non-legal business registration )

Potential pros and cons

I'd like to see the pros and cons of having you own business liability insurance for employees, facilities, insurance and taxes on import and export tax wages will need licenses for the team that sells more instructions. also training for equipment use. cash flow and a contingency fund for the unexpected, to be in business, especially if you plan to rent a room. also a good business plan, if you want to get a bank loan or business loan from the bank. or investors

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Do all good wholesalers require that you have a business license in UK?

There is no such thing as a business license in the UK, anyone can start a business, provided they register as self-employed with HMRC. Wholesalers require that you have a UTR number which is a tax identification number unique reference show that it is a business and not an individual with the hope of making quick money.

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Can a partnership sell e.g. 43% of their shares to the management?

It's not as easy as alliances with partners, not actions. However, you could invite the management to form a company that buys the association and becomes a partner (company), if that's what they want the other partners. Interesting to consider the motivations of this action.

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What Do you Need To Make a small Social Network Website?

To make a small social networking Web site are about three types of companies that have emerged in the space of white label social networks.

Consider this

1. The first provides hosted, do it yourself with the solutions that customers can largely point and click your way to a brand new social network. Such companies interact minimally with their customers and instead focus on providing the networking tools they demand.

2. The second type of company provides social networking software for download and installation on a server.

3. The third type works very closely with clients to build a social network based on your needs.

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