The best charts for tracking the silver price in real time is

Northwest Territorial Mints site ... These are some of the best I have found. They are very interactive, so you can sort through a mountain of historical data and the mouse over on certain days.
The best part is that they are live and updated in real time.




This is one of the best and you can get it in one minute intervals every week, every day, every hour or 5

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What do you need to know about...? I need to know about...?

Hello! how are you, hope fine, I'm sorry, I've been working on other things and forgot a bit this blog, thank you much attention in taking the time to read the articles that I write here.

For anyone interested in business and finance issues, especially in some particular subject, I would like to leave me a comment about what you need to know, I can use my time to give them the best information.

Soon I will put a subscription email to make it more personalized

Also I will publish articles of general interest to keep my blog updated, but I will focus more on what you need.


Jose Sicaja. (Jasa)


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Things get done more quickly and efficiently when establishing a written project plan

There's something about writing your plan on paper (or your computer) that makes your goals for a more realistic and achievable project. When writing a project plan should be very specific about the details of the project - outline the hows and whys, whens in a clear and organized format to be viewed by all members of the project team.


Define the objective of the project and summarize in a sentence or two on top of your project plan. Enter your project plan in a Microsoft Word or use complex software such as Microsoft Project 2007. Give the project a catchy name still relevant so you can refer to when discussing project progress with your employees or team members. For example, the "CSI" could be the name of a project in which to do research on customers.


Decide on an undisputed leader of the project team, it is extremely difficult to achieve a project plan when you do not have a clear contact person for all final decisions. Type the name of the person at the top of the project plan as "project manager", so there is no confusion among team members about who is in charge.



Define step tasks that must be completed during the project and set your goals. Decide who will be the contact point for each individual task. Determine a budget for each task and the tools and resources required to complete the task. Estimate a timeline for each task and set firm deadlines. For example, in our example, the research may have the following entry:

Task: Organize focus groups.

Objective: To ask 10 people paid for the study.

Deadline: May 1.

Budget: $ 500 to pay members of focus groups, $ 100 for two weeks including classified.

Resources needed: Conference room with two-way mirror booked.

Point Person: Ellen Brown.

Add a column in the project where the project can be marked as "To be completed", "In Progress" or "Done".

Organize project tasks in a logical order. In the example of focus group, you obviously want to organize your focus group before carrying it out. After conducting the focus group, you must add one more step to analyze the results. Organize the project plan will help you progress successfully in the plan and check things off as you go. Add and adjust your project plan that you and your team members to complete tasks.


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