How to learn to negotiate a salary in a job interview?

First, never talk salary in an interview...that makes you look like you are taking the job only for the money. Always wait until the potential employer has made an offer, then you discuss salary. If you have experience or skills that are directly related to the job, you are on firmer footing. Realize that the employer will have a salary range and that going above the max of the range will not work.

to negotiate, start by trying to get the employer to make an offer first - this gives you some leverage/negotiating room. If you make the first offer, you run two risks - first that you suggest something less than what the employer would offer, thus screwing yourself or second that you suggest something significantly over what the employer is willing to pay as of which time, they may pull the job offer.


It is best not to bring up salary in an interview. You should not mention what your salary expectations are unless they ask you. Your salary expectation should be in-line with what is common in your area. If you are not sure what that is, try finding job ads that list the salary. Generally when a job applicant brings salary up during an interview it makes the applicant appear to be interested in the money and not the job.

During the interview be sure to mention your strengths that match the job ad, for example if the ad said you need to have strong organizational skills go prepared with a story that demonstrates that. This could be from previous jobs, volunteer work, or even group projects at school.

Once the company presents you with a job offer, then you can look at negotiating salary. However, be sure to keep it realistic. If the normal salary for the job is $11/hr you may be able to request $12 or $13, just don't aim to high, otherwise they may withdraw the offer.

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