Would you like some ideas to start small business in U.S. There is here!

A lot of people like to grab some things from a person or a country due to they have not $$$$., so, that's why those of criminals will being happening in our earth at anywhere and at any countries, so, that's why "WARS" will being happening in our earth too!!! I hate "WARS" and afraid that too. Therefore, if you want to have a business, not just focus on small one, we must have to wish that it is a big......big business due to it is not only able to help yourself, but also it can help the jobless person.

Maybe you can open a busineess about to anti any kind of negative matters e.g. " WARS"!!! That's why I am telling you the front part of the point of my views!!! But I will not to do business, it is because I like to have free style life and I need to have a well sleeping time, if I open a business, I never have those of happy time anymore, at least, not too much of it. So, if you have to got a heart for it, just do it!


Before choosing a buisness , find out whether you have enough knowledge on that particular industry, Do you have enough resources which are essential for that industry . See that the buisness you create is within your budget, do you have enough contacts from people , who can share their experience and ideas about the industry to you . Based on these facts you can choose the best small buisness for you.

Take it your way number 3

you invest your money in Commodity market tips. commodity is the market that helps to earn good profit on daily basis. Although the amount is not sure, but if you will invest more money then you can earn huge profit.


See your surroundings, have a survey. Then decide what things are required by people most. you can think on daily use things. Also you can provide service, which make peoples work easier. Do a survey and then decide.

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