How returning an item sent for UPS without affecting USPS location

Just put the label and mail ... unless you know the EXACT UPS branch to be ..... there are 1000 in the country.

Call and get approval from the company before using the U.S. Postal Service first. If you are using United Parcel Services automatic return of the bar code is read that gives credit for the return.

If you provide a UPS shipping label to send the item back prepaid, then it must be shipped via UPS. You can not take it to the post office, but may be taken to any branch of The UPS Store. You can find one near you by using the link below. ...

If you say you are paying the postage and the package starts to have a UPS label that displays the delivery address, then you can take it to a post office and pay the same shipment. But using a black marker all the information that is not the delivery address (including all bar codes) and do not want the post office to get confused.

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