I Made a Website for an Affiliate Marketer

I didn't look at the site but if you're only getting paid $1 an hour then I don't see why you would care what he thinks, it obviously isn't worth your time anyway!


As I type this I am still waiting for the site to load... Ok after 2 minutes it is starting to come up...Wait... Still coming up...

  • I hit stop and I can see what may be the site.
  • Get rid of the burning text. That is 90's.
  • Yellow on white? Don't do this ever...

Also, why don't you use a CMS like Joomla? Basic HTML websites are pretty nasty looking nowadays.


I suggest you point out to your 'customer' that he gets what he pays for ....

In future you should first generate an 'Outline Design Specification' and a few pages of graphics using eg PowerPoint 'mock ups' .. submit this along with your first Invoice (at least $100) plus an estimate for the completed site (typically you should be working at $100-$500 a page) you and not cut one line of code until the client 'signs off' on the proposed design (and costs)

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