Is getting a Credit Card from a Store better than Getting it from a Bank?

Bank cards usually have lower interest rates, higher limits and can be used in more places. A store card can be limited only to that particular store.  

Even if the store card has a logo of major credit cards, still have higher rates of interest and can also be run on the board terminated once the particular store decides to suspend the contract with that particular financial group .

Credit cards remain the store by a bank. They are not owned by the store. In particular:
  • Visa Card "GE Money
  • Meta-Chase (I)
  • Best Buy, HSBC / Orchard Bank or free, depending on the card. 
Very Important

These cards are easier to obtain than a typical credit card, and that carry higher fees and interest rates. If you use the card and pay in full each month or make payments as agreed under a financing agreement, this will increase your credit score. Buy things that can not afford will trash your score as any other card.

Obtaining a bank issued Visa or MC credit wise is better to get a store card is only good at that store. The types of cards not only carry high interest rates, but are classified differently in your credit report. They are not considered favorable credit.

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