It can break a rental lease for transfer to another place

No, no. No problem if the owner has to go to work. If your contract has an early termination clause, pay the fees as shown and move. Or talk to the owner to know whether he will be sublet. If so, find a suitable sub and moving lyrics.

In most states, in a sense, yes. You will probably lose your deposit. The landlord has a duty to mitigate its damages (loss of income). If your contract is for 12 months and have to relocate six months in the lease, the LL should make a concerted effort to rent the unit. 

They can not sit on their laurels and collect rent for the next 6 months. However, the transfer must be within a reasonable distance. Relocating to the other side of town is not enough. Moving to a neighboring town may not be near enough either. Check with your local landlord tenant advocates to see what the conditions. If you're in the military, there may be laws written specifically for that situation.

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