So lets look at making money online in a different framework

Save up your airfare then move to a polygamous country...christian, muslim, voodoo, hindu, etc. all have at least one country as such in this world. Marry 7 obedient wives minimum then open a demo acct to do FOREX with them in the home.

While you all are learning over 6 months to a year with practice demo accounts, go join a successful, managed FOREX account within Britain(the country with the best safeguards for FOREX traders).

So here is the game plan: Take 6 wives during the 5.5 days the FOREX market is open and have each do 2 hours of monitoring FOREX online then 10 hours off then another 2 hours on. Meaning each wife does FOREX 4 hours a day out of a 24 hour period.

So she has 10 hours in a day to run her own business and another 10 hours to eat,sleep, bathe, etc. Now your seventh wife cares for the house and children in a rotating manner between wives. So if you are paying attention, all wives are off from FOREX 1.5 days a week to rest their brains.

Womens' libaration on the real. You Sir are now sitting back at the head of the table with women and kids on each side of the table. When have you last seen that done in "modern" societies???

Now if this is too much for you, keeping on doing what everyone else is counting on in the "modern" world: Jobs, welfare checks (unemployment, retirement), gambling or hustling(legally or illegally).

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