What are the typical rates of closure? What fees are incurred in the seller?

To be honest, can be confusing when trying to compare one lender to another. Your closing costs break down all kinds of categories that do not usually coincide with any other bank, but in general will add somewhere nearby.  

Some of the most common include things like:

Appraisal, credit report, flood certification, underwriting, settlement, recording, processing, messaging / email charges, xfer fact Tieff wire, co title, title owner shit yp policy, hazard insurance. , Prop. tax, PMI, interim interest, etc.

Who Pays the closing Fees, Depends on Your Bid

These rates and vary in addition to making it better shop around to compare not only rates, but the fees of each lender. You can ask the seller pays all closing costs, pay a few thousand dollars to get to the closing fees or just give a lower offer, but I paid them all. That depends on you.  

Seller fees are generally only listing agent fees of around 3% once the sale is complete (6% if you came directly to them without any real estate agent to represent you) nothing more than to prepare the home.

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