Creative Ideas for Fundraising?

If you're trying anything asking for money in any business property, you should have permission and they would have to approve of his idea.  

How to understand that buyers were in fact to raise money for a real charity, instead of just regular homeless people or beggars.

The best thing would be to ask a child, maybe even a manager of a grocery store and ask if you can put a table in front to ask for donations to charity. If in a shopping center or mall, you must obtain permission from the owner of the property, not only the retailer is renting space there. 

His charity would have to be a true charity, such as UNICEF, and would have to be able to demonstrate that all funds go directly to charity, or otherwise is a fraud. 

If you belong to a church that gives money for those things you're interested (Water for Africa), then ask how they can participate in fundraising efforts. 

you may have better luck selling items - there are many fundraising companies to choose from. Making and selling pins on the buttons, selling candy, magazines, gift items - if you do not want to go door to door, which can be dangerous, that sells these items to your table you have asked to create.

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