how to build credit fast, here there are some ideas

my husband and i want to buy a house within the next year. we talked to a lender and my bubbys credit is not bad, but he virtually has no credit at all.

we dont want to take on a car payment, we have a nice car thats already paid off. we are goin to apply for credit cards. any other ideas? any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Have it your way

Credit is important because this is how lenders see you. All you have to do is MAINTAIN A GOOD CREDIT REPORT. Credit report will have bunch of your information in the database like SSS, address,bills paid on time, employment history, how many credit cards you applied and you have.

no such thing as building fast credit - especially the kind of credit needed to buy a house

credit is one thing - will you have enough CASH?? - 10-25% of house price will be needed

and you won;t be able to get a mortgage any bigger than 2.5 times your annual incoem - are there houses IN THAT PRICE RANGE where you live?

if you open too many credit accts at one time, that will hurt your credit score for awhile

and taking on new debt like a car loan will definitely hurt you because it will reduce your available mortgage eligibility

What you stated is the best way to build credit, Make small purchases and pay them right when the bills comes. Credit will not build up fast but it will build up.

It is not possibly to build a credit rating "fast." He'll need at least 12 months....more like 24 months of on time payments to build a credit history.

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