Job creation can help reduce poverty?

No. Think about who is going to be poor in the U.S.. People who are physically or mentally disabled who can not keep a job.

People who are able to learn, but for one reason or another they have no education - functional or financially illiterate. Peoiple are not smart enough to learn to do complicated jobs that pay well

People who have very bad luck. Yes there are. I have known many. One thing after another keeps happening to them, interfering with their ability to get and keep a job.

People with drug, alcohol and mental health problems. Even if these obstacles are not the person's "fault" still interfere with obtaining and maintaining gainful employment.

No. The job creation can help reduce poverty, but there are many other factors to consider. Transportation is huge - if people can not get to work will not be able to support them. The same goes for child care.

There is no simple answer, easy to reduce poverty.

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