Volunteer jobs for teens

Good for you! It is a great start to the ladder of employment, a good experience and a great way to make friends.

Most charity shops will give you a couple of hours, the British Heart Foundation volunteers takes only 14 years (age limit).  

Not necessarily be allowed to work in the box, but there are so many other things in all charity shops, labeling and steaming clothes, the classification of inventory, customer service, etc.

I do not know where you live but if you type into Google the name of the city and volunteer a list of things will come up. I found my volunteer work through a focal region must have a well and might be worth looking in the yellow pages for it?

Decide what you want done and then start looking in the type of organizations that operate in it, for example, if you want retail BHF isa good way to go, if you look like animals in a shelter or a volunteer pet shop, etc, or children of youth groups, etc.

each organization has its own age limits for what it's worth contacting any directly interested.

You can do many different things. Check with your park district to see if there are summer camps that adolescents need to work with younger children. Contact your library to see if they need help. If you enjoy working with animals, see if the animal shelter in your area need help

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