No Reserve Auction on Ebay, why?

Did you set this as a no reserve auction? That's where if you did not sell the price of a certain price, would not have to sell. For example, put a book on Ebay and wanted to leave no less than 10.00. 
I started the bid at $ 1.00 and set the reserve of $ 10.00. If he did so, it should not be sent. If not, is obliged to send or if you can not directly hurt your score if the buyer leaves a negative feedback.

If you have the problem...

You should check with eBay. More likely is that they are under contract and you can be sued for breach of contract and destroy its reputation and be banned.

If you want a fixed price, you should have put under the "Buy It Now" fixed price. But it is getting everything that you can also run the risk of an auction - it has lost. I advise you to keep your part of the deal, otherwise you will pay more at the end when you are sued.

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