Should make a Loan if you are Unemployed

And so it begins .... the path to financial ruin and bankruptcy. Do not borrow money. Just do not. It takes two types of loans in your life. A mortgage and car note. That's it. And I'm on the fence of a car note. I think you only pay cash when you can.

His departure is to get a job. Anywhere to do anything. We all want more money. But to get a loan is stupid. Think of it this way. For every percent of interest you pay, take it off than it would an hour. 

If you are paying 5% on a car and let's say 12% on a credit card or personal loan. That is 17% of its pace. I do not work for free. Of course, do not spend 17% of my time at work that gives him money.

Forget about credit cards and personal loans. And forget the publicity about credit scores. You do not need it. You just need to credit when you buy a house. That's it. If you want a big screen television plasma high as the big three then save and cash purchases.

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