What are some of the benefits and job descriptions to become a medical assistant?

I'm not sure what you mean by flexible scheduling, MA I have worked all usually worked 04.08, Monday to Friday, sometimes they would work April 10 hours a day and get a day off. 

To Pay  

Most EM are paid between $ 11.13 per hour, an MBA with years of experience can earn $ 15, but that would be about where the pay tops out. taking into account most of the associations have an associates degree, the pay is very low.

The benefits  

of being an MA is that you have set hours, which usually do not have to work weekends, holidays or be on call. If you work for a large clinic or a clinic owned by a hospital, usually get pretty good health benefits.

MA to help a doctor, to bring back patients to get their vital signs (weight, temperature), ask them how they feel or if something has changed since the last time you were there. That draw blood, injections can do and can help the doctor in some office procedures minor.

EM also taught how to run the Front Office, such as scheduling, monitoring of patients and a minimal amount of billing and coding.  

Very Important

Most complain of not finding a job as this area has been flooded with new graduates. If you are still interested in pursuing a master not to go to schools careerr over priced, but rather local college, where they charge less, and the credits are transferable if you decide to return to school.

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