You may get a job in the field of medicine if you have a DUI on his record?

At the time of completing more than 6-7 years of education to become a physiotherapist time, should have been enough to not put much weight on it unless you have another problem.

However, to be sure because PT is a long-term investment, contact your state licensing office for PT personally and ask directly. If you can get the license and stay clean for 6 to 7 years, might have a chance with an employer. 

If your state does not give a license, find another profession. Call the state office of PT certificates to be sure before starting a long way, but worth the Physical Therapy career.

I think you have to explain, but I do not see why a traffic stop doing that, I'm from the UK, so I do not know for sure, but I have three convictions, drunken driving, public order and not inform the board of a change in circumstances (robbery) and I'll still try to become a nurse! I've researched here and what I've read, does not prevent you or me. This is more serious crimes such as murder, child abuse etc is an automatic ban ... good luck

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