Can I charge a fee of about 25 dollars to give someone a makeover Without a license?

There is much to consider.

You do not need a license to apply makeup or brush hair (although salons or spas require). You need a license to provide haircuts and chemical hair treatments (dying, permanent, etc.).


But if you're going to do this legally would have to obtain a business license and would probably need insurance, and of course pay income tax.


If you are planning to make it illegal (unlicensed, uninsured, without a declaration of income, etc) - how many people do these things in secret extra money - it could get away with it.

Consider This

But you can get in a lot of trouble if caught, and could end up paying fines and such. Worst case, if you accidentally hurt someone (eg put an eye to applying mascara), or if someone develops a skin condition after seeing you and wants to sue, which would be responsible for operating an illegal business and could literally lose everything you own.

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