How to enter intensive care nursing?

If you want to become an ICU nurse, you must first attend a nursing course for a diploma or degree in nursing. (usually need your English GCSE mathematics and science above grade C and A 3 levels to get a place on a course or university course, if you did not receive a level), then complete 3 to 4 years training (depending on the university)

To become a nurse 

Since there is going to apply for jobs and can find jobs in the ICU at the website of NHS jobs / cgi-bin / advanceds ... you may be able to chose the final location as a nursing student for choosing UCI would give it a good experience and knowledge base and an advantage to apply for jobs in the ICU, can not however be vacancies in the ICU up when you qualify especially if you want to stay locally, could be a case of biding your time for work of the UCI to arrive.  

About Nursing

There are a number of different functions that may be in the ICU, you can search the NHS website jobs for health aide in the ICU, from here you will get a lot of knowledge and may be entitled to be assigned to a nursing course.

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