Do any of the schools offer online classes to earn a degree in RN?

So I can say with confidence that if they are not already a nurse, you can not get a nursing degree online!

Even U of Phoenix program (and is not respected or credited) is in RN to get your BSN or MSN.

I understand that you can not attend classes now, but for now you can make your general education classes (English Comp, Algebra, Psych, etc) online, since most community colleges and state universities offer courses in the cyber classroom.  

When it comes to laboratory sciences (anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry), is likely to find a night or a kind of Saturday. However, I think they are aware of this, nursing classes and workshops are Monday through Friday. Upon reaching that point, maybe we can work as a medical assistant in an urgent care / immediate care center / clinic on weekends or find employment as a Patient Care Technician in hospitals rather of having to work Monday to Friday at the doc's office.

In addition, choosing a nursing program, it is essential to be accredited by at least one of the two bodies, unless they are to be employed in any hospital JCAHO:

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