How does Ebay work when You are Selling?

First you need a PayPal account. You probably can only do that if you have a credit card. Once you get a PayPal account, create an eBay account.

Then use the Sell link on eBay to put in a listing for your product. They will guide you through it step by step. One of the things you will need to do while creating your listing is select a shipping method.

Once your item is listed, people will bid on it (hopefully). At the end of the bidding period (usually a week), whoever bids the highest has "won" the item, and is supposed to pay you that amount through PayPal.

When they pay you, PayPal will send you an email. Then you can ship the item to the person using the shipping method you put in your listing.

DO NOT ship the item until the money shows up in your PayPal, and ALWAYS ship the item to the address of the buyer that PayPal gives you.

P.S. There are two common mistakes that newbies make on eBay: either setting the starting price of their item too high (so nobody bids on it), or setting the starting price too low or otherwise messing up the listing so that the item sells at a lower price than expected (when that happens you are still supposed to sell it at that price).

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