What are the benefits of the TFSA for Students?

Income earned in a TFSA is exempt from paying taxes, net income plus tax exemption. Furthermore, the contribution limit is $ 5,000 per year and, although the contribution limits unused updating not indefinitely so that during the third year of existence, if they have not contributed before, you may contribute $ 15,000 this year, but their costs at the University will probably be higher than $ 5,000 per year.

The purpose

TFSA is a saving for retirement and the sooner you start, the better. It really is not suitable for meta horizons shorter than retirement, that would maximize their potential.


There are many types of TFSA is accountability high savings in brokerage accounts that allow direct investment in stocks, mutual funds and bonds. Most people have the first, but really wants to be the last.

For students

I do not know if they still do, but to neglect a percentage of their student loans so that only half had to pay back the loan for the first year, and 25% of the loan for its second year, if you graduate. If you still do that, you must obtain student loans. Financing your education remains largely the old stand-bys of student loans, scholarships and summer work.

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