What is Better Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering

Is more disciplined, its a really structured skill that tends to command higher pay. Computer science tends to be a more general subject, which might be ok if you dont have any prior computer knowledge, but if you want to excel at computing, Id avoid it.

Computer Engineering focuses on software and hardware combination. Instead of just making software programs and computers, you program the devices, computer architecture, memory, etc programming at a lower (more is not easy), digital hardware design using Verilog or VHDL , etc or anything that involves both hardware and software.

Computer Science

Tends to require lesser grades, so more of the high flyers in the computing field take Computer engineering, or more often Software Engineering.

Computer science focuses on software development, database management and research and study of the theory of logic and algorithms.

Have it Your Way

Meanwhile take a "computer " word in their names, which tend to do things differently and give different jobs.
If you know what city you live, I would do some research on companies that are in the area and see what kind of jobs they offer.

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