Why International Marketers need to segment the Market?

The international market is very different to our local markets.

There are several main reasons why the international market should be segmented. Not all countries are equal, and therefore the marketing approach to / within those countries must also be different to deal with those differences.

The local laws in your country of destination is a major, if not "the" main reason. Each country has its unique set of laws, customs, currency, environment, safety, labor, trade and other regulations to which its trading partners is expected to fully comply.

Culture is another major reason.  

Like many local clients are often different, so are many very different countries. A typical sales approach used in the U.S., for example, the work surely can not overseas countries.

Local customs is another major reason.  

While bribes or other incentives to attract the proposed purchase of a particular product is very frowned upon, and often illegal in the West, in some countries, it is generally accepted and sometimes encouraged even.

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