Where I can buy a book online, safe and reliable?

I want to buy a book and am looking for a very reliable site to buy. Oh by the way we do not have it in my country and I want to be so can you tell me how it works and what I can do? How did you get here and how will they know my address? Basically I need to know EVERYTHING because I am ordering from abroad and need more details. Do you need time for it to come to my country?


Go to and explore over 30 online bookstores and lists of the lowest prices at each site. This site uses only reputable companies such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

You pick the book you want and the company will ask for your address and the type of delivery you want (standard, overnight express). Because they live abroad, your shipping options can be restricted to one or two options.

You provide your credit card or PayPal. Paper companies often send the books within 24 hours.

The people at Amazon and eBay can not send books abroad, but that all other companies.

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