What Profession can buy a House in Los Angeles with a Value of $ 1 million?

Doctor, lawyer, CEO / executive level. a business ... to buy a house they say millions of dollars, have a 20% down (200,000 dollars) and a salary of at least $ 260,000 to pay the mortgage of $ 800,000.  

Do not expect to make $ 260,000 or more to the right of the university - most likely will take a couple of years and being in the right place at the right time to make that kind of money. Only about 1% of Americans do that kind of money.

Have it Your Way
Almost none. A sales professional of his time, like most of us. To make big money requires an income that is not based on one-time sale. This means becoming an entrepreneur, or becoming the top in a well-paid profession (surgeon, for example - but be prepared to wait until mid-thirties to start making income - is one of the reasons why they pay so high - because their careers are short)

And if it's in Los Angeles, wait a bit. Housing prices in Los Angeles broke away from the reality in 00 years, and so the relationship can return to rational pricing in the mid 90's.

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