Have heard there are lots of real sharks on ebay who do not let you to make a penny out of ebay. is that true?

Well, you need something to sell!
You open an eBay account and a PayPal account (which is a secured payment gateway) and list your items for auction or for sale.

EBay charges a small amount for each listing and takes a percentage of the final sale price. Your buyers will mostly use Paypal, which again, they will charge you a % of the money deposited.

there are sharks everywhere to be honest.. but just depends what u are selling, should be genuine, sold out items are good to sell or newly released items too, antiques are also great, try abit of everything and see where u make ur profits.. good luck ebaying..

Not true at all, in my experience.

Start by selling a few things, which will get you used to selling on ebay, then progress to an ebay shop of your own when you have a bit of experience under your belt and some idea of what people will buy/the price they'll pay.

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