Would like to start my own personal bodyguard company, what steps do i need to take?

Size up the competition so you know what to expect. Know your market that's available to you. Formulate a business plan for your company.

Check with an accountant to find out if you must be bonded and how to incorporate your business. Find out from the accountant about business expenses and taxes you will need to know.

Check with an insurance company to see what type and how much insurance you need to protect yourself and the clients. Your client could be injured or you could seriously injure a person and be sued.

Check for a location to business from.

Figure out the best means of advertising your services and what you can charge. A personal bodyguard business may involve you or a employee to carry weapons. Check the CWC laws and regulations in your area where you'll be operating.

I would guess that you're already physically fit and are trained in "unarmed" protection of a client if you're in an area that doesn't permit weapons to be carried.

There are probably more things needed to be done, but the people you contact for starting the business will be able to gather needed information from you. Good luck with your venture!

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