What is the best way to establish good credit with your first credit card?

You should pay your credit card bill off in full every month. Paying interest on your credit card just because you think it might build up more credit is a huge waste of money.

If you regularly spend money on your credit card, pay off your credit card bill each month and don't take on unnecessary debt, your credit will build up in time.

I was told you purchase something with credit then soon as your bill comes pay it. I was also told do this a few times but make sure you don't over do it maybe even cut it up or just use for emergencies.

just pay on time never be late and dont open too many credit cards try to stay with the one for now and dont cancel card it is used against you.

You charge a small amount every month and pay it in full when bill arrives. I have done this for 30 yrs and credit score is 800+ The card companies report to the credit agencies every 6 or 12 months so don't expect big jumps in score.

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